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Stunning Winter Photos
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Stunning Winter Photos- 25 pictures to make you forget about cold

I’ve never appreciated winter before until I’ve watched and experienced the falling snow, frozen roads, trees, and leaves blanketed with snow and everything in between. Having lived my life in a tropical country, the Philippines, we’ve never had a winter, let alone a snowfall, or a minus degree. As I appreciated winter in a special way, I’ve gathered twenty-five (25) stunning winter photos that my husband and I took on our trips somewhere around Europe.

Hence, here are some of them. I hope you’ll enjoy watching them as much as I do!

a lovely goat against a wall on a bright winter day
Me one early morning on the lake in Bavaria
A man walking on a snow
Two beautiful deers on sunrise
Bench and table covered with thick snow

A bright day in the winter morning
The beach and the mountain in the background on Lofoten Island
A Real Christmas tree on a winter night

Stunning winter photos

In the beginning, I only wanted to wear a winter coat and see how I looked like being fully clothed. But then every winter, well, expect the snowfall, or the snowstorm. Also, I’ve got to go on an expedition, an adventure of a lifetime when we decided to go wild camping in Sweden last winter.

A man and his bike
A magical road in Sweden
A lonely car parked
Reindeers scavenging for foods
Lofoten island
A Solemn house by the road, Sweden
Locals in winter
Wild berries-birds foods. One of my favorite simple yet stunning photos of winter
Sitting at the bench
Early morning hike and sunrise

“Winter forms our character and brings out our best”

— Tom Allen

Too adorable baby huskies- Absolutely a stunning winter photo. Don’t you agree?
Sunrise on the mountain
Morning and white things everywhere
Upon the hill and soaking all the sunshine
The snowplow
Everything is gray, and I’m still smiling

I’ve been fond of winter since I’ve moved to Germany (well, except the cold, cold, and gray part, though) and have seen incredible sceneries made by snow. I think that winter makes everything so magical that at the same time makes me forget that it’s actually cold.

Which one of these twenty-five (25) photos do you like the best? Let me know in the comment below!


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