Discover the land of the merciless sun, South Africa

South Africa, the southernmost country on the African continent. 

Probably one of our most unforgettable travel destinations. As we’ve traveled around this country of merciless sun, South Africa, we’ve discovered and explored a lot more than we’ve could’ve imagined.

National Parks

So far, I’ve written about the Safari adventure in the National Parks of South Africa like Addo Elephant National Park and Kruger National Park, both renowned as best parks to see the magnificent wilds. Here, I’ve compiled some of our favorite photos so far from the Safari adventure, though, I can tell you, there’s plenty more.
South Africa contains one of the most breathtaking landscapes, extraordinary cultures, wonderful people and so many many more to discover.

But for now, I hope you enjoy some of my posts about this country of unforgiving sun, South Africa, on top, left a remarkable and precious memory to me and to my husband, Chris.

Above all, I thank my husband for taking me to this incredible place and some of the beautiful local women who made our stay much more unforgettable.

For the rest of the stories, I am still now having a hard time coming up with a story to come first about this recent trip to South Africa. All I know for sure is that one day, we will be back again, and be left in awe by the place like we’ve never seen it before.

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