Family camping at Camp Puor
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Family camping at Camp Puor – a fun getaway

We frequently go on family trips, but not camping. But this time, we finally had a chance to do family camping at Camp Puor. We stayed overnight on December 11-12, 2021. Camp Puor is located in Bolinao, Pangasinan. Surrounded by coconut trees, the campground has become more famous as the day passes by. In this article post, I’ll be writing a guide and some information about Camp Puor.

If you’re also planning to visit Camp Puor in Bolinao, Pangasinan, here’s a quick guide for you. You’re welcome.

Family camping at Camp Puor – why there?

During the holiday break in December, I was looking for a family-friendly place. My family and I usually don’t try sleeping over via a camping style, let alone sleeping in a Kubo hut on a short holiday. My sister Gem once mentioned Camp Puor Bolinao to me while we were chatting.

Since we all loved Bolinao and its white beach, which was kinda neighbor of Camp Puor, we. thought, it could be an option.

Hence, I looked it up online. I found their Facebook account and browsed the photos.

The photos looked inviting to me. Plenty of guests had their photos taken with the background of the green river. And some were doing a photo shoot. Others were just happy and contented with a day trip.

But for me most importantly, nature friendly. Just the sight of loads of tall coconut trees surrounding the campground seduced the idea in our heads.

And I thought my mother especially would love it. Moreover, I love anything close to nature.

Moreover, my sister said she knew several acquaintances who have been there and they liked it.

And by reading her message telling me about the place, I could feel her excitement already. I got excited too. Actually, I got more thrilled for them.

As a result, we decided to let all the family members for this planned family camping at Camp Puor know.

Check and book Camp Puor as your next resort here.

Travel requirements and restrictions

Bolinao is part of Pangasinan.

During the this travel time, it was a little challenging to gather each member. This was still corona time and rules and regulations regarding camping, or simply traveling was an extra hassle. Moreso, constantly changing.

Also, most establishments would require a negative PCR test or rapid test, or a vaccine card. I know right? These things didn’t exist before!

Nevertheless, we decided to give it a go.

We’re unstoppable, weren’t we?

The truth is, except for the kids, we are fully vaccinated.

And please note that as the time of this weiting, a negative PCR test or va


Family camping at Camp Puor Bolinao

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How to make a reservation at Camp Puor Bolinao

I contacted them on messenger.

It didn’t take a while before they replied to my inquiry. I liked that! Instant reply, aye! I told them I would like to make a reservation for twelve (12) people. Yes, it’s a Filipino family. A big number of family members. Besides, it’s a mini-reunion this time.

Remember, it’s December. It’s the time of the year when all the members of the Filipino family get together!

The staff who replied to me said she will reserve these two (2) Kubo huts.

As I’ve already read their guidelines regarding the guests’ reservation, I was already aware before sending the inquiry.

Even so, the staff told me that on each Kubo hut, a maximum of six (6) people could sleep in. Two (2) children are allowed. My two (2) nieces who were left to spend the overnight camping at Camp Puor, were thirteen (13) and ten (10). They were still considered kids.

My mother, Sister Gem, her son, my sister Amber, and two (2) nieces that I’ve mentioned above stayed in one Kubot hut. Whereas my brother, his wife, and two (2) year old daughter, and our driver stayed in the other accommodation.

We expected that one of my other nephews and my cousin Lani who looks after him would also stay. But apparently not.

Important things to know and to bring to Camp Puor Bolinao

Although it sounded like a vacation that you just go there, have a good time, and sleep, well, it’s more or less like that. We needed to bring our own;

  • foods
  • blankets
  • pillows
  • water
  • matress
  • Clothes and swimwear, of course!
  • mosquito repellant and other essentials

Luckily, as we loved to grill, we only needed to bring our fresh catch. The grill pan was for rent for PHP 50.00.

If you like to spend overnight camping as our family did, you need to pay fifty percent (50 %) downpayment.

The staff gave me their Gcash account and immediately we sent half. The total cost for ten people overnight was php2,400.00. Understandably, we paid the other php1,200.00 upon checking in.

Note that if you stay overnight, there is no need to pay the entrance fee.

Finally, you need to ride a small boat. It may not written on their facebook page but I htought you should know. As of the time of this writing, the only way to get to Camp Puor is to ride a small boat which you need to pay. Unless you want to swim across alongside your stuff.

Why not? Go friend.

Camping Photo

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Camp Puor Bolinao Updated prices

Day trip/tour

Camp Puor offers day trips/ tours from 08:00-18:00. The entrance fee for adults costs php40.00 and php20.00 for kids. This already includes (your) endless picture taking and swimming, to the river. if you fancy.

With access to the swimming pool – PHP 100.00

Have I reminded you already about your swim wear, sun lotion and sun glasses? And your dresses for OOTD?


Cottages cost PHP 250.00 and are good for eight (8) people.

Overnight camping

As I’ve mentioned above, a maximum of six (6) people in one Kubo hut, at least two of them (2) are children below fifteen (15) years old. Kubo hut costs PHP 1,200.00.

Tent Camping

Rent a tent – good for two (2) persons – PHP 400.00

Own tent – good for two (2) persons – PHP 300.00

Own tent – good for four (4) – eight (8) persons – PHP 500.00

Life vest – PHP 50.00

Boat fee- one way – PHP 50.00

*NOTE: Check-in time for overnight camping is at 13:00. Check out time the next day is at 09:00

Family camping at Camp Puor in conclusion

In conclusion, I can say that our family camping at Camp Puor Bolinao was fun, unique, successful. and most of all, unforgettable. Camp Puor was indeed a perfect place not only for family getaway and camping but also to spend time in nature.

We loved the experience at the campground. The surroundings was very calm and peaceful. It’s far from the chaos of the city. The Kubo hut was very traditional that made us feel nostalgic. Really, it made us remember the times when our house was Kubot hut style. Those days were precious.

Moreover, we got more than what we paid for. You know what we mean? The camping price was reasonable. For ten (10) people, we have only spent less than at least PHP 3,000.00. Super good price, don’t you agree?

There were also staff that we could ask for any assistance if we needed one.

Besides the preparing and sharing of foods altogether, the grilling and bonfire at night were the best parts. (Well, because we dearly love anything cooked with charcoal).

But above everything else, our family could experience camping, something we haven’t had done for a long time. This escape also made our family become closer together. And had the rare opportunity to catch up.

Although the way to get to Camp Puor Bolinao was quite far, it was worth it.

I’m sure it’s not the last time we’d been there, next time again!

How to get to Camp Puor Bolinao

Camp Puor is located at Pansur, Tupa 2406 Bolinao, Pangasinan, Philippines. (click the location to bring you to google maps) If you’re coming with a car, just type that location on Waze. Otherwise, you can try to go through Brgy.Samang Norte. In here, you will pass by Bolinao Falls, straight ahead, and go right till you see Kingdom Hall Church.

You’ll get there soon.

*NOTE: As of this writing, a vaccination card, valid ids are mandatory upon entering the area of Bolinao. Be also aware of some random checkpoints along the way.

Have fun!

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