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Germany Diaries of a Filipina

Germany Diaries of a Filipina

Hi, welcome to my page, Germany Diaries of a Filipina. As you already knew, I’m a Filipina from the Philippines who moved abroad in November 2019 to join my German husband. On this page, you’ll find all my life dramas, realities, observations, thoughts, feelings, and everything in between. Living abroad ain’t easy you know. It has ups and downs.

Germany Diaries of a Filipina was born because I thought I could let my thoughts pour by writing. Read on. You’ll probably find something that will reflect or resemble your situation.

*Note: Some of the article posts were originally published on my Die Kaisers on a Camper blog.

Twenty-four reasons to love living in Germany

Trees are more important today than when I was about to enter the airport for check-in to my flight to Germany on November 2, 2019, my mother, almost the same height as me, gave me a massive bear hug. The most robust embrace she’d ever given me, and with tears almost streamed on her cheeks, she said,” I hope Germany will treat you well, and you’ll have many reasons to love living; there.” I told her I would be alright and I’d give her a call once I was settled down.

My foreign life in Deutschland. How did it go in the first 12 months

Everything was new and felt unreal for me. I didn’t get used to the gloomy rainy days almost every day, plus the freezing temperature. That is to say, a major challenge that I conquered eventually while maintaining a good rhythm. This was my foreign life in Deutschland, aka my life in Germany as a Filipino. Coming from the Philippines, how did it all go in the first 12 months in the country that now I call my second home and new home?

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