Germany Diaries

Germany Diaries

If you have moved to a certain country for love, then you might as well relate to my life’s story. Welcome to my Germany Diaries Page

When I first met my husband in 2017, moving abroad was never in my mind especially in a winter wonder place. But little did I know, fate had found its way. Two years later, I moved to Germany in November 2019 to join him.

The Difficulties, sadness, and happiness before moving to Germany

“Germany is a place I never thought one day I’d live in. Although I miss the warmth of home in the Philippines, I couldn’t be happier that my husband and I are finally together under one roof and I treasure that the most”.

Life in Germany, so far

“And while preparing for more challenges to come my way, I devote my time as a full-time wife to Chris and I am proud of that. I take charge of almost everything here in our home besides that. From organizing stuff to house chores that I enjoy the most especially cooking our daily meals. Germany has been very nice to me so far and I’m loving it”.

Two important lessons in life I learned from my German Family

“I have sure had to adjust and accustomed my German family’s traditions and values that are relatively different from mine.
This does not mean to say though, that I don’t respect it; in fact, I immensely do and admire it. Accordingly, when I wanted to post something on social media that involved them, I ask their permission first. I will always respect their preference as they do for me.
And I will leave you with this German quote about personal relationships and privacy that anyone can relate to.

“Das geht mich nichts an” (That’s not my business)”

The days I first met my German in-laws

“Above everything, I have always hoped before meeting them that they would like me, welcomed me in their family with open arms.

There was once a saying about mothers-in-law, ” monster in law”. That means your mother in law is like a monster who will terrify you in every way possible. Luckily, this doesn’t apply to me at all. My mother in law is absolutely an angel, a woman of passion and a heart full of love.

And as I got to know my German in-laws intimately and sincerely, I realized that they were beyond beautiful, extraordinary, hospitable and most of all, generous people”.

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