Camping from my parents-in-laws backyard amidst Coronavirus

“When Chris and I heard the news that Bavaria had lifted its restrictions of travelling and meeting loved ones due to coronavirus, we got excited to hop in at our camper van to go off on an adventure again. A moment we’ve been waiting for. But the truth was, we didn’t go far. We only went camping in my parents-in-laws backyards. And it was awesome!”

It was at least two months when the lockdown or community quarantine started in entire Germany. Like most people, he and I were affected. He started working from home and I couldn’t start with my new job. Many things have changed from the regular routine to the new one.

Despite that, we were grateful we had each other.

For campers like, we were constantly waiting for the news as hoping the lockdown restrictions would be lifted down so I followed Markus Soder, Bavarian Prime Minister.

He’s the ultimate person to follow in Bavaria to give accurate updates and information about Bavaria’s status alongside Angela Merkel, Germany’s President, for the entire country. ( one of the most amazing women I personally admire)

So when the news was televised, particularly in Bavaria that restrictions were lifted down, we immediately planned to go off on an adventure by the way.

In any place possible.

But unfortunately, camping sites were still not officially opened.

What was allowed meanwhile was visiting loved ones such as parents, siblings, or relatives or friends while still maintaining social distancing which means 1.5-2m apart, strictly.

Hence we decided to visit our parents in law ( Mum & Dad) and finally, we could flee outside our city, Munich for a while.

We prepared and packed our stuff. A few clothes and some foods from the fridge. The camper van has a mini-fridge so storing food isn’t a problem.

And then off we went! And our destination. My parents-in-law’s backyard. Yep, you read that right! They live in the countryside of Lebruchk Am See, a 1.5 hours drive away from Munich.

Though a couple of days ago, we swung by to have lunch with them as we also needed to change our camper van winter tires to summer tires as our main purpose near their house.

Still, that day, we kept a distance from them, we wore face masks and avoided close contact. In other words, not a single physical contact occurred.

For me, that was pretty sad. It was one of those displeasing factors about coronavirus. To not be able to hug your loved ones because you care so much about them you don’t want to transfer any virus you might have.

When we arrived on the first day of our camping trip at their backyard, both of them were very excited to see us again as much as we were.

We carried on with what it’s like a regular vacation. We parked our camper van right at the backyard. They have a huge backyard space that could even accommodate numbers of people. Plus it rewarded you with a green relaxing scenery and the freshest air.

Set up the sleeping room on its upper deck, and as soon as we finished, we mingled to parents straight away.

Since parents in law love Greek foods greatly and they have been to Greece countless times before, Greek-style meals were our menu.

Greece, according to my Dad, was their all favourite time destination. Mum also fell in love with the place that when there’s a chance, she will fancy to see it once again.

On the other hand, Chris and I were consistently very good at maintaining social distancing, therefore, we didn’t have a hard time dealing with the new rule.

The four of us spent the first-night drinking wine altogether, sharing a piece of conversation with various topics including how coronavirus affected the way we travel and we interact with our loved ones.

Later when the night was getting dark and cold, my husband went back to our camper van and drifted off soundly and comfortably with drizzles of rain from the roof deck as a lullaby.

The second day was lounging day

Mum and Dad were the most thoughtful people in my life. They considered what I eat for the mornings. Mum prepared a healthy breakfast for me. A cup of coffee, lemon water and fruits. Nothing sweets.

I spent all day in the garden reading a book and sunbathing. Eventually, I fell asleep.

I woke up and realized it’s already afternoon. Chris and I needed to buy some groceries for dinner.

What I love about vacation was there’s mighty inviting food. Lamb meat was one paired with a luscious red wine. The four of us especially I and Chris enjoyed the day very much.

In conclusion, camping from my parents-in-laws house was one of the best experiences we’ve had thus far.

Not only because my parents in law were incredibly accomodating and likeable to be around with, but also because the camping time was a good chance for all of us to get together again despite the physical distancing incorporated caused by Coronavirus.

Special thanks to my parents in law for allowing us to camp over their backyard.

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