How I landed my first job in Munich

Don’t worry about it. Munich is a land of opportunity; I’m sure you’d find one” my husband constantly reminded me when he noticed I was feeling anxious about how to land my first job in Munich. In my private thought, perhaps he was right.

It was in the middle of February, cold, gloomy, and feeling sad. I was a housewife ( as many called it), and I had no job yet. Still, I felt all right and didn’t have a problem with being a full-time wife to my husband but at the same time, I also wanted to do something outside the home, like a job.

I started looking for a job. Browsed numerous establishments from a barista in a coffee shop, a part time nanny, to on call tutor, and many many more. I couldn’t recall how loads were that.

I also looked for teaching assistants particularly international schools. My Deutsch back then was elementary level; hence, it might not be good enough to join in big establishments that needed fluency in the language especially in local German schools.

Munich indeed offers plenty of jobs particularly in the field that I wished to work in, Education.

That alone kept me going and motivated to just keep sending my updated application.

As I kept browsing and scanning some major websites on Google where they posted varieties of jobs at all levels, I also thought that I could have also gone directly to the website of the company.

For example, when I found a job vacancy as a Substitute teacher assistant at Bavarian International School posted via Jobs.De.

Substitute Teacher Assistant meant I would get to work when there’s a teacher or a co substitute who couldn’t make it. It was a mini job base.

It’s very important at that stage that I scanned it carefully if the job fitted me well then I went to the school’s website directly to send my resume.

Apparently, it’d be easier for them to contact me.

In the middle of April, I got a call from them inviting me for an interview. I was beyond excited! It was the first invitation of the interview. So I went.

As my lucky stars alligned, Bavarian International School requested me to send copies of my college diploma, school records, my valid residence permit as well as a police background check, for the record.

It was highly necessary because I’d be working with children and having no criminal record is a must. I was able to submit all my requirements via post

Mega thankful I was with the email that I received from the school that I got hired, officially in the last week of the same month.

However, April was also the month when the lockdown began in Bavaria, therefore, the school couldn’t call me officially as they had to close for quite some time.

I got to start the job formally in August. ( that was quite a while, wasn’t it?) Well, it didn’t matter. . Or, when needed.

For me, looking for a job in Munich was easy but getting hired was the difficult part. Of course, always depended on what type of job you’re looking for.

I am beyond grateful that I’m part of the Bavarian International school.

And here are my tips for searching and landing a job in Munich.

  • Make sure you read the qualifications and requirements well before you send your resume.
  • Your resume and all the information alongside it must be complete and updated.
  • Prepare all the requirements. In my case, a college diploma, school records, a valid residence permit.
  • Most schools or workplace would require you to have a police background check as I had at BIS.
  • When you have a specific company you’d like to work for, go directly to their website, and apply through them.
  • Or, google all the list of the names of company, schools, and their address and shoot in your updated resume directly.
  • Dress well and appropriately in your interview. Don’t be late! Germans don’t like late even though they’re international!

In the end, I guess my husband was right. I maybe just wasn’t patient enough to land my first job in this new environment for me, Munich. Everything came at the right time.

I hope you’d also find the job that you really like and I hope the tips I told you would be a great help. Should you have any questions about some stuff, let me know in the comment below! Best of luck! X

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