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My first 12 months in Deutschland

As I was writing this, a terrible headache has been torturing my head. I sat comfortably on the couch while my husband was in the dining area, working from home. I politely asked him to grab a glass of water and a medicine tablet to cure my headache. It must have been a change of season, I thought.

Everything was new and felt unreal for me. I didn’t get used to the gloomy rainy days almost every day plus the freezing temperature. That is to say, a major challenge that I conquered eventually maintaining a good rhythm. This was my first 12 months in a used to be a foreign country to me that now I call my second home, Deutschland.


I arrived on November 2, one day after the All Saints Day in the Philippines and a bank holiday in Deutschland, which meant everything was closed apparently. ( One unquestionable piece of business I got used to )

Most importantly, on my very first visit and meet up with them, and I was so nervous because even though they had already liked and saw me over Skype calls, they’d never met me in person. Luckily, they welcomed me with loving wide open arms. I couldn’t be grateful.

Personally, I had a love-hate relationship with snow. It’s exceptionally magical in my perspective which is why I was extremely fond of it, on the contrary, it’s bitterly cold made me shiver.

And because it was still a heavy snow season, Chris and I made a short trip to northern Italy to experience winter fully. It was my first ever snow encounter, my first snowball throw.

Three weeks after, we flew to South Africa for our 6 weeks trip as part of our honeymoon.


Technically, I wasn’t really in Deutschland. December was the coldest time of the year in Deutschland, so we made a plan to escape from it as Chris always does.

Actually, if my visa application to South Africa wasn’t approved, we could have also settled in Deutschland and enjoyed the cold winter nights, but it went the other way around. It would be a crime for me to decline.


In the first week of January, we returned to Munich after the 45 days of honeymoon in South Africa. Not surprisingly, January had highly assumed it was fairly cold, wet, and dark. It was already in my bags of expectation; thus, I was prepared. Yet, my foundation wasn’t good enough.

Chris and I didn’t make concrete plans yet for the year of going out of Europe as he wanted me to fully experienced Deutschland, especially on its own beautiful offers, and make myself feel at home.

So we went to Switzerland, too, and passed quickly to Austria! To have a glimpse of how neighboring countries look like.


We purchased a new member of our family, and has been our baby for the meantime. Nope, not a human being. His name is George, our camping car.

We were so thrilled to go on an adventure with him that a couple of weeks after he landed on our hands, we were already on our way to camping in Prague, Czech Republic. That was also my first time to travel by a camping car. Chris had one it multiple times before with his parents when he was younger.

Interestingly, camping in a car is a common thing in Europe.


Deutschland spoiled me with plenty of choices. Say from incredible well functioning public transportation to its convenience to its peaceful de-stressing nature. So I went out to see nature outside Munich. However, Munich has plenty of it, too!

This time, seemed like the summer had waved its first hello, and winter snow had also got its last hoorah that it was relatively melting.

On the second week, we were out camping in Allweglehen despite that it was still freezing cold out there and a trip to Kuchl mountain to have a glimpse of the last mountains of snows.

On the other hand, I remembered that this month was the most times I called home to my mother. I didn’t know the reason why. It’s just plenty of times that I got a call from them or vice versa. She always asked me about the weather and if I were freezing or if summer was coming.


Summer months were here; I was too excited to the fact that I could finally sunbathe after months of sporting pajamas, sweaters, pullover, jacket, warm socks, and being fully clothed.

On the other hand, It was getting warmer, and the sun was too eager to be shining hot again, as. a result, I began buying and collecting summer plants, both indoor and outdoor.

Moreover, April was a special month for us because it’s our first wedding anniversary and we opted to celebrate it at home since the coronavirus was then beginning to spread not only in Germany but worldwide.

Missing home and the people there had constantly been my source of homesick. Every day in my real cozy home in Deutschland, I missed them, the warmth, the noise, the beautiful chaos. Everything that came with it. Yet, I remained happy as Chris had never ceased to solace me”.


The lockdown in Munich had ceased down and opened a thinnest chance to visit my parents in law again.

But this time came with a whole lot of different styles. We kept the distance, wore a mask, and instead of sleeping in the bedroom on the second floor of the house, we decided to camp out in their backyard.

Besides, we also made a couple of short trips inside Bavaria. We all needed some time off, didn’t we?


June first was already the third day of our 3 weeks trip to Croatia. It was a new country for me in Europe, and since the lockdown happened, it was so evident that fewer tourists went back to traveling again. Also, Croatia was one of the first few borders to reopen.

Nonetheless, three weeks in Croatia was noteworthy for me.


As we loved Prague to a greater maximum extent, 5 months later, after our first visit together, we’re back again.

Most importantly, the city itself had its magic charm, and the local restaurant Kantyna seemed to be a magnet to us, which is one of the primary reasons we kept coming back. The bone marrow dish that they serve stuck in my craving. It was absolutely mouth-watering and affordable, too!


During the past months, I was quite stuck at home except when we’re on a short trip or traveling. However, in August, that had changed radically when the international school I applied for finally asked me to start the job.

Technically, I was already hired by the school, but due to the coronavirus, all schools were forced to close; thus, I couldn’t officially start with the job.

So delighted I was on my first day, not to mention the fact that I worked with kids, that’s left me floating in joy!

On the other hand, one of my biggest concerns living in Deutschland was making friends with the locals. I apparently found it so hard connecting with them, aside from my husband’s friends, whom he introduced to me. So I resorted to making one International.


Until the middle of September, I was preoccupied with my new job and I totally loved it despite that I had very little time organizing stuff at our home, constantly exhausted doing things even my personal ones such as yoga or meditate.

Nevertheless, with my superwoman power, I managed to take care of things exclusively in preparing George for our three weeks trip to Italy. ( Second time this year)


Decorating our apartment was a thing I was really looking forward to despite that Halloween hasn’t ended yet. This month of the year I was also occupied at my work in school yet I was happy and enjoying it. It’s getting cold and wet again in Deutschland, pretty much reminded me of my first days here.

Rain boots and winter coats have been welcomed again.

Although not every day was a birthday cake, some days were filled with the cutest memories yet longing to be with my family again, and some days were just contentedly happy next to my husband and not worrying about anything


Exactly one year ago now, all the photos and memories on my facebook and Instagram reminded me on how time flew so fast. My heart is full.

Meanwhile, it’s the official beginning of lockdown (again) today in entire Germany. This means, there are not loads we can do besides it’s my birth month.

Looking back through the months in the four seasoned Deutschland, I can’t put into words how swift time flew so fast. Each had its own highlights, highs, and lows. Regardless, I am happy and forever grateful for every little thing.

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