Hire Catherine as your writer

Hiring a writer nowadays can be so dreadful as you may never know if you’d be given a good quality outcome. Let me help you!

Who am I

Hi, my name is Catherine, I graduated from Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication. I’ve been writing for four years now. That being said, I have a strong background in writing. Writing is also my passion, and I actually been doing it since childhood
( through diary).

What I can do


√ I can write creative content, research and post advertisements.

√ I have Strong experience in writing in digital.

Travel writing

√ I can write things about travel, guides, expeditions, etc.

√ Strong background in the travel industry

Web Content Writing

√ I can create English posts

√ I can create an English newsletter

What else

Aside from the fact that I’m a writer and I love writing a lot, I can also be a representative. If you need a representative to represent you during your absence in some events like Media Tour, please, I’d be more delighted to represent your brand or your blog.

Where to contact me

I’m easy to reach via email: escapesanddiaries@gmail.com

Here, too!

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