Hi there! Welcome to Escapesanddiaries Travel and Lifestyle blog.

my blog Escapesanddiaries is about my travels and (favourite) destinations, guides, stories and inspirations as well as lifestyle. Let me introduce myself to you. My name is Catherine, and I was born and raised in the beautiful tropical country of the Philippines.

A little history about me and my writing

I developed my love of writing diaries when I was a kid.   As years went by, my purpose for writing has grown deeper, from scribbling mere thoughts to sharing stories about travel, love, relationships, and life in general. I write anything that interests me! Thus, resulted in the creation of Escapesanddiaries Blog.

About my travel history

I started travelling a few years back. By then, I was only discovering places in the nearby town and provinces of my own country, The Philippines. And then I completely fell in love with not the only idea of travelling but also on how it changed and shaped me. I’ve been to several places in Asia, Africa, and Europe, and I don’t plan to stop. I am married now with my German husband Chris, and together, we’re Munich based. We travel a lot together, especially in Europe. Nowadays, we go with our camping van, who we named George, the blue horse. Although my husband is not a travel blogger like me, he takes incredible photos that I mainly use for my blog posts and articles.

My favourite place so far is Bangkok, Thailand. We loved the foods, especially! Though extremely spicy, Thai foods are incredibly delicious and the street foods are amazing! This place has captured our hearts, and there’s plenty of things to do there, too.

Besides, my dream destinations are Madagascar in Africa and Mongolia. Up to date, I’m dreaming of those places that I’m sure one day I’ll see its beauty and wonder.

Anyhoo, thank you for coming by to my page, I hope you enjoy reading my articles. Chat to you soon!

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