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German Embassy actual Spouse visa interview questions

Getting started

When I applied for my FRV or Spouse visa to Germany, as expected, there was a short interview for it.

How and why you should prepare for the Spouse visa interview questions

Honestly speaking, there should be no perfect formula for the preparation. Although, I want to advise you that all your answers must be accurate and honest.


Because remember all the requirements you submitted must be matched with everything that you will say during the interview. Don’t be nervous. It’s easy.

Spouse visa to Germany actual interview.

Okay, let’s have an interview Madame. 

Officer: how old are you?

Me: 30 ( I was 30 then, now 31)

Officer: How old is your husband? 


Officer: Where did you meet? 


Officer: Who approached/ talked to the other one first? 


Officer: What was he doing in Cebu?

Me: Traveling

Officer: And you? 

Me: Traveling as well

Officer: What’s your means of communication?


Officer: Have you traveled abroad together?

Me: Yes

Officer: When and where?

Me: Thailand, Vietnam, etc.

Officer: And then where else next?


Officer: When was the last time you met him?


Officer: When was that? 


Officer: Why did you choose to get married in Hong Kong? 

Me : ( didn’t know first how to answer because honestly, I couldn’t find the right answer to this. Haha!) because he hasn’t been to Hong Kong and it was his first time but I have been there before.

Officer: Why did you decide to get married in Hong Kong? 

Me : ( this time, I found  ( hopefully ) the best answer! Haha) because we like Hong Kong and the process was smooth!  ( Helpful read: Getting married in Hongkong )

Officer: Was there a proposal?

Me: Yes, in Sri Lanka

Officer: When was that? 


Officer: So, how long have you been a boyfriend/ girlfriend before you got engaged? 

Me : ( I counted on my finger but I think I missed a month) 19 months 

Officer: What’s your husband’s job?

Me: He’s an Engineer

Officer: How long has he been working as an engineer? 


Officer: What’s his company name?


Officer: Do you know how much salary does he receive monthly?


Officer: Where does he live?


Officer: Does he live alone?


Officer: What is your job? 

Me: Online English Teacher

Officer: How much monthly salary do you get?


Officer: Do you have a plan to resign from your job?


She said, yea, because it’s online anyway, right?

Officer: Do you have children?

Me : ( I wanted to say no because I have many children in my family, my nephews, and nieces! Plus my children in my community, but they’re not my own! Haha) NO

Officer: Have you been married before?

Me: NO

Officer: Has your husband been married before? 

Me: NO

Officer: Does he have children? 

Me: NO

Officer: Have you been to Germany before? 

Me: NO

Officer: Have you applied for any visa to Germany before? 

Me: Yes

Officer: What kind of visa?

Me: Tourist

Officer: What’s the result? 

Me: Decline ( You can read my experience of my first time Schengen Tourist Visa application here)

Officer: Did you already know your husband before you applied for the visa?


Why I didn’t put all my answers to the questions?

For personal reasons, I opted not to include all of my answers to the officer. I believe all your answers and mine are different from each.

Please note

Please note that these are just based on my personal experience. Although all the Visa interview questions I wrote above were all the questions asked to me, expect that yours could be different.

The visa interview questions may vary from one applicant to the other.

Friendly tip

Answer only what is asked. Don’t add any unnecessary comments or remarks. It will just create confusion.

I hope this will help you in your future Spouse visa interview at the German Embassy. Remember that preparation is the key and don’t forget to complete all your requirements!

Questions or comments?

If you have any questions that I may have missed to include here, please leave it in the comment box below and I’ll try all y best to get back to you as soon as I can!

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