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Hi there! Welcome to my page of Love and life stories to read. I hope you enjoy the heartbreaking and emotional moments in every piece. Though At first, I thought that some of these love stories I would certainly publish online, and well, soon I realized, yes, why not?

Well, enjoy reading! If you feel like you’re kind of relating to any of these stories, please free to share yours.

Love and life stories to read; a page I especially put in my blog that I cherish the most

Back in the days, I was so melodramatic about tiny little things about love and life. I’ve constantly read anything about love or life stories online. As a consequence, I started writing my own thoughts and decided to showcase them.

As I remember correctly, the very first piece that I published was entitled” a letter to the guy who broke my heart,” which collected a huge amount of readings and praises from friends, acquaintances, and people, too. And they became my constant readers and followers.

A letter to my ex-boyfriend. I never got to send

A letter to my ex-boyfriend, I never got to send

Hurting you was the last thing I wanted to do. You knew I loved you with all my heart even if I knew you weren’t willing to give me enough. Even if you weren’t ready to exert the effort to give me more than what I deserved. And even if you gave me less than what I expected.

A Letter To The Guy Who Broke My Heart. What Went Wrong?

A Letter to the guy who broke my heart. What went wrong?

I only hoped that we could get the chance to patch things up, so I sent you countless emails, Skype messages, and I even appealed to your mom and sister to please send me a response, but you eluded me. How could you ever do that to me when back then, it only took a few hours or so for you to reply and smooth things over when we have fights? The questions in my mind were myriad.

Understandably, as I’m already settled now, these stories you might be reading does not reflect the life I live now. On the other hand, if you enjoy reading piece in this love and life relationship section of my blog, I’m mighty glad!

Above all, I hope these pieces will also bring you joy, memories and lessons as they did to me.


Love and life stories to read
Hello stranger. It was nice to meet you. Goodbye

Hello stranger, nice to meet you. Goodbye

In the middle of everything, I knew somehow, you developed your feelings for me, the way you looked at me in the eyes, the way you treated me, everything you’ve done for me had a beautiful meaning. And I’m glad that we stayed right we were supposed to be and didn’t let ourselves do stupid things that could hurt some people we love, especially on my side. Thank you for respecting my territory.

Love and life relationships sometimes can be complicated, in a way that humans can’t find the right word to put it.


Love and life stories to read online
Accidental love. To the guy I unintentionally fell in love with

Accidental love. To the guy I unintentionally fell in love with

Every little thing went sharp as we agreed upon: no stress, no hesitations, zero drama. We were just happy souls having a good time. You were spending your short little leisure time in my city before you headed back to Europe for school and work while I, your self-proclaimed buddy, was willing to tour you around and be with you at my most convenient time.

Love at the time of disbelief. Meeting the one

Love at the time of disbelief. Meeting the one

I took the flight and met with him. He picked me up from the port in Bohol. Our second meeting was cool. There were no pretensions, no dramas, no boundaries. We were natural. He confessed his feelings for me which surprised me because I had never met a guy who was as a gentleman, as decent and as candid as he is. That’s why I admire him greatly.

A letter to my ex-boyfriend I never sent. It didn’t matter after all.

Love and Life relationship – My relationship with my father, was solid; he taught me that loving means living.

It took us months to recover from our loss. We couldn’t contain the agony and pain of losing someone so lovable in the family. On those first weeks and months that dad was no longer walking on earth, we were all grief-stricken. There were moments when we all gathered on the balcony. We talked and reminisced about all of dad’s kind acts and endeavors for us. For getting up early in the morning to get us some hot “pandesal” (bread).For making a pure “Barako” (strong) coffee. Preparing yummy cuisines whenever he’s at home. “

A letter to my Father in Heaven. Dear Papa, it's been years

A letter to my father in Heaven

Growing up, I constantly wondered if you were still here. How and what would have I been now? Would I be the same little girl you cared so much for, or would have I been much fiercer than ever before? Either way, I want you to know that I’m grown up now, and I know you’ll be proud of me. I’m sure you are.

To the guy I was not ready to love yet

To the guy I wasn’t ready to love yet

I believe two people should share love. For that reason, If only one is loving, it would be unfair. Love, at the same time, must have a good foundation, not rush and gentle.  I couldn’t say I was ready to love despite everything you showed me for and despite all the hindrances. I knew our feelings for each other were genuine and built on connection, yet, not fulfilled. Not matured.

How my Bff Broke my Heart. I just came back from a long trip. * Love and Life stories to read

How my BFF broke my heart. I just came back from a long trip.

He left me wondering by leaving the group chat. We were 4 happy people in it: me, my sister, my other close friend Cai, and him. We’ve been friends for a decade now, and our friendship was made to last; thus, we labeled our friendship BFF, which stands for best friends forever. But then, one day, after coming back from a long trip in Southeast Asia, something was off. This is how my bff broke my heart.

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