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My favorite travel stories. Inspiring, heartbreaking, memorable, and funny.

Hey there! Thanks for checking this page out! Here you can find all my favorite travel stories. Inspired by my travels worldwide, I wrote these pieces to share my thoughts and insights with my dear readers. I hope you enjoy reading these travel tales as much as I do! Happy reading!

📌My favorite travel stories are some sort of funny for me, yet memorable.

Was choosing to move to Hanoi worth it?

It was smoggy and chilly when I landed in Noi Ban, Hanoi. I’m not a big fan of cold temperature. In fact, I’m totally not used to it. Thus, I instantly missed the comforting warmth of Bangkok. Some travelers told me that it wasn’t that cold for them, as they were from countries with snow. Somehow, I believed them, although it wasn’t my first time in this city.

The real feel of looking for a teaching job when you’re a non-native English speaker

He sounded enthusiastic, perhaps thinking that he could finally find someone to teach at his academy. A few moments later, he sent me another message.

“Excuse me, teacher, where are you from?“

“I’m from the Philippines.“

He never replied to me. Seems like an epic travel tale, but the ugly truth is, it’s not like that. Trust me.

Separated on special occasions and holidays because of travel

He documented each moment and sent me amazing photos of the wild, including those of five big lions, tall lovely giraffes, and more animals in their natural habitat. His days were filled with hopping from one place to another. He told me stories of their journey and other parts of his unforgettable travel tales. And, of course, I enjoyed listing to every bit of it.

📌My favorite travel stories mostly happened in Thailand, where I lived and enjoyed my life thoroughly, thus brought me memorable events.

My post-birthday at Hua Hin beach

Weekend well-spent: Maximizing a two-day escapade

Two months in Bangkok. In a nutshell

Surprisingly, everything went smooth and fun, contrary to what I expected. I always thought that traveling with a companion meant compromise all the time.

Our trip was a golden ticket to getting to know each other spontaneously and profoundly. It defined our relationship and made me love him deeper. We were a new couple back then, and the trip surely made us closer to each other. I’m going to tell you more about that in my next writing.

We are always meant for something better when we travel – How Travel Changed my Life

Travel showed me that there’s more to life than just weeping. Weeping is completely tolerable but we must give ourselves a chance to see the beauty of things and escape a circumstance where happiness is forbidden. Wounds don’t heal at once. It takes time to mend a broken heart. Travel did more than healing my soul. It opened my eyes to the life that I imagined. Travel showered me with abundant travel stories and tales I could never get when only sitting in my four cornered room.

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Making a difference through Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is not my calling.

These words were in the loop in my mind when I failed on my first attempt at scuba diving. And that what I believed that moment I had to go up the boat where my friend Kris was sitting pretty, taking pictures and waiting for us. I honestly felt ashamed of myself for failing to do one the best water sports on earth that I’ve been dreaming to do one day in my life.

📌My best travel tales also came with a heartbreaking event; at the same time, inspiring.

Changes I Wholeheartedly Embraced When I Started Traveling (which made others’ eyebrows raise)

What’s a travel tale without realizations about life and traveling itself? Two years ago, I conquered my fear of stepping outside my four-cornered room. A million thanks to my bestfriend, Greg, who started it all by booking a flight to Hong Kong and Macau, my first ever trip abroad. It was fulfilling! From then on, I kept rewarding myself with epic trips in and out of my country to quench my thirst for traveling and to see what’s really out there for me.

How I Squandered My Bali trip. And the lesson I learned the hard way

I wish I could turn back time to make my Bali trip more exciting. All I can do now is regret my mistake, and the story that bundles it will always remind me how I squandered my Bali trip, hence, the lesson I learned the hard way. It’s one of my best and favorite travel stories that brought me the lesson I’ll never forget.

How traveling with my mom appreciates her even more.

Dear Mom, I Promise to take You to another Flight  Again

The moment she knew that we were taking her on a vacation that would involve riding on an airplane, she couldn’t hide her excitement. She was like a child who just received a surprise present on her birthday. Traveling with mom was one of my happiest moments. Added to my favorite travel stories and tales that my family and I treasure the most.

Here’s why I broke a Promise when I traveled to Batad, Ifugao

Ohayami Trans organized our trip. We just paid for it. Upon reaching our destination, they took us to where we would be staying. The best part of it was we experienced top-loading (sitting on the jeepney’s roof)—another item off my bucket list. Batad is a very safe place. I felt silly for thinking that ghosts would come to bother us. He laughed out loud. It’s a travel tale that I thought I’d never have.

We Failed to See the Sea of Clouds on Mount Batolusong Rizal, but Was the Climb Still Worth it?

The amount of money that we spent and the few experiences were nothing compared to the mesmerizing view and Mt. Batolusong has to offer. It is one of the most iconic mountains I’ve ever climbed so far. One more thing, it’s has resemblance to New Zealand. It felt like I was in another country!

If I never discovered traveling, I wouldn’t have told these tales.

A journey to Adam’s Peak

Two in the morning, as you can imagine, is still very very dark but if you have a good torch with you, there’s no problem at all. Although of course, you have to prepare your legs and I hope you take a pre-workout for that, as well as you need emotional focus. Looking back o this journey, I am proud to say to myself that it’s indeed of my favorite travel stories that I’d keep sharing.

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