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Personal Hostel Review : Villa Solaria on Siargao Islands




Villa Solaria was the first hostel I stayed in on Siargao islands. It was actually my first time to visit the place and I’d love to share with you a review about my experience with the accommodations.


This sign imbibes a warm welcome to the guests at the entrance. At times, there’s no staff stationed at the front desk, but you may call their attention. When I arrived, a lady approached me a few minutes later. I then told her that I booked a room via Agoda and she willingly accommodated me.


The two beautiful ladies

Surprisingly, Mr. Pal made a long distance phone call from Sweden. Apparently, he wasn’t around at that moment but I had a short talk with him. He welcomed me to his humble villa and advised me to enjoy.



The bunkbeds and surfboard for rent

The bunk beds and surfboard for rent
The whole room has 16 bunk beds in total. The bed’s foam is a bit chunky so it’s snug to sleep on. Each bunk bed also has a white mosquito net which makes it look like a honeymoon bed. (haha)


The Lockers

Some villas cost P1,600 per room id you want the whole room to yourself. As for my accommodation, I paid P300 per night. Breakfast is not included.  A spacious locker is also provided, but you have to bring your own lock. Otherwise, you will have to buy one from them which costs P100.
They also have surfing boards that you can rent. I’m just not sure how much the rent is, but I strongly suggest that you give it a try as surfing of course is the main attraction and activity on the islands. So go!


the kitchen (insert cutie Elizabeth here, she’s doing her yoga routine 🙂

The kitchen
Villa Solaria has a kitchen open to all guests, (which is one of my most personal favourites here ) so they can cook or prepare their own meal. You can reach the small market in probably 20-30 minutes by tuktuk / habal habal which will cost you P30 one way. As for my case, I made some friends with the other guests, so one night we decided to go to the market together to buy ingredients for adobo, a famous Filipino dish which I  cooked for them. For a total of P500, we bought all the ingredients plus some items for breakfast. We divided the bill among 5 persons.



And if you’re thinking about the condition of the bathroom, don’t worry because it has flush and shower. There’s no water heater though, but why would you need one on an island? Sometimes, interruptions on water and electricity supply occur, but they get back to normal before you know it. I experienced such a remarkable event when I was there.  A brownout occurred one night. But, we just made the most out of it by having candle light dinner. ( I bet it’s something that most foreigners don’t normally experience and that’s pretty awesome)



In addition to that, Villa Solaria also offers rides for rent. You can rent a motorcyle which is one of the easiest ways to get to the town and city for 300php . My two friends rented one and they just tagged me along and we just divided the cost or you can eitehr rent a bicycle which costs 150per day. Villa Solaria doesn’t have a bicycle for rent but you can rent in some shops.



Please bear with them as construction is ongoing. Before I left, they were renovating some areas to accommodate recreational activities such as yoga, meditation, and more and I’m sure the next time I’ll come back there, it will be all furnished. I can’t wait!

Villa Solaria is located in General Luna, a 10-minute walk from Cloud 9, the most famous surfing spot on Siargao Islands. It is very accessible from the port and you won’t have a hard time finding it, because every tuktuk driver knows its location.
So, what’s my verdict for this place? Of course, I recommend it to everyone.

Book your stay now! If you want to avail of their accommodation offers, you can book via their Facebook page or via Agoda. Mr. Pal will be the one personally replying to your message or inquiries.

Many thanks to Mr. Pal, the owner of Villa Solaria, for my free breakfast and for the warm welcome. I am definitely coming back!

Note: This is not a sponsored stay and this review has been personally written by me out of my appreciation of the good customer service they exhibited. 


Credits to Waikin Chung for some of the photos used in this post.


Coming up next. Paglaom Hostel. My personal review ✍

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  • Catherine Mendoza
    November 4, 2016 at 07:01

    thanks ! 🙂

    January 13, 2017 at 02:19

    Seems like a perfect place to stay at when in Siargao! I realized the motorcycle rental fee for a day is the same in Thailand. Cool! I’d love to be in this hostel!

  • Revathi
    January 13, 2017 at 12:45

    Looks like a beautiful place to stay while in Siargao Islands. Motorcycle rentals are certainly something which I can give a try. I love candlelight dinners and on an island I would have no complaints 🙂

  • Christina
    January 13, 2017 at 15:16

    Seems like a great choice when in Siargao. Besides the nice accommodation, being able to rent surfboards and motorbikes at the same spot is really handy.

  • Marge
    January 13, 2017 at 20:55

    I haven’t been to Siargao, but I am hoping that I can finally go this year. Do teach me how hahaha… I’d probably stay at Villa Solaria, 300 per night is not bad. The villa I would take if I come in a group.

    I think you are becoming a hostel expert ha Cathy haha…

  • Sindhu
    January 15, 2017 at 06:04

    Looks like an amazing place to stay. The fact that the owner made a long distance call just ylto make sure your stay is comfortable shows how caring he is for his guests.

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