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Insider tips to Prague

Visiting Prague for the first time? Here are my Insider tips!

Personally, it’s also my first time visiting Prague but turned out was one of my favorite places In Europe so far! When my husband and I were discussing some options in Europe to choose from for our first adventure with George, our camping van, Prague was one of the tops.

And because it’s not his first time to visit Prague, he doesn’t have a lot of things to do in mind but definitely, places to eat and drink that would surely make us come back over and over again! Here are my top 2 insider tips to Prague.

Insider tip 1. Where to eat

You may have or have not heard of Kantyna, a specific restaurant in Prague that apparently makes people happy and making the tummy full by serving one of the most mouth-watering meats I’ve ever had! The quality of the meat is exquisite. Mind you, it’s thoroughly crowded all the entire time. From the moment it opens until it closes.

Kantyna is a meat lover ‘s heaven.

Once inside, you’ll receive a card, find a table, and just place your order on your own. You can choose your own meat, beef brisket, beef fillet, tartar ( my husband’s all-time favorite) and other kinds of meat like chicken or pork.

However, Kantyna is usually packed. Whether you come early or later, the place is nevertheless full. That being so, on our second night in Prague as we went back there again for dinner, we couldn’t secure a table so we just ate while standing. It was amusing though!

There is a big table in the middle so anyone who couldn’t get a seat or table wouldn’t mind to eat or drink while standing like what we did! What a great experience that was!

Address: Politickych veznu 5, Prague 11000 Czech Republic

Indeed, Kantyna in Prague is worth a visit. I’m sure it’ll keep you coming back once in Prague again!

Insider tip #2. Where to drink

Check out Pauwel Kwak Bierhuis, as the name itself, implies, a beer house. But mind you, it’s just not a beerhouse that serves a grand variety of beer, but what people drive here is the coziness and ambiance of the place as a bar.

Pauwek Kwak Biehuis’ staff are knowledgable about their beers. And even though you’re not a beer drinker like me, they give you a good recommendation if you’re unsure what to drink.

You may, however, opt for wine if you prefer so. Prices are besides pocket-friendly.

Address: Nadrazni 47/90 Smíchov, Prague 15000 Czech Republic


Prague is a dazzling city. On our first day, we headed to see the Charle’s bridge which was expectedly, so touristic even tho the weather was freezing cold. Also, don’t miss the chance to have a bite of Trdelník, it is made from rolled dough that is wrapped around a stick, then grilled and topped with sugar and walnut mix.

it comes with different flavors and fillings like vanilla, caramel, among many others. Prices vary from stores to stores.

In a nutshell,

As Prague is the main city of the Czech Republic, numerous bars and restaurants are all over the city, as a matter of fact, it would be tricky to find the best ones. These two insider tips I’ve mentioned above are especially very important to me, hold a special place in my heart and absolutely be visiting again next time in Prague.

Have you been to Prague?

What are you most or top favorites? Let me know in the comments below!

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