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The first time camping van experience

Camping with a van is such an incredible experience

When I posted photos of me and our camping van while we were in Prague, some of my friends have gotten interested in it.

Chris and I have traveled a lot alone and together in Asia before. That being so, when I moved to Germany, we’ve had a deep discussion that during my first year it’s probably best for us to explore Europe since it’s beside my first time. Thus, purchasing a camping van was the final decision.

And we see it as a good chance to go on an adventure to a different continent. Apparently, in Europe itself, traveling with a camping van is extremely popular. Some of his friends and acquaintances own one. We were somehow inspired by them.

The camping van

The camping van is an excellent way to travel from one place to the other. It’s like a moving house for us. Inside have a mini kitchen, a tiny sink, a comfortable seat that is also convertible to bed if we choose to sleep in it. Moreover, it has a bed on the roof that of course, needs to set up. In contrast, it doesn’t have a toilet, however, a portalet can be purchased.

The Process, how does it work with a camping van?

I also had similar questions to how do travelers with a camping van do the process, or how does it work, really?

Basically, it is relatively similar to all sorts of traveling.

When we are traveling, we go to our hotel or hostel and check-in, get the keys, leave our stuff and go out for sightseeing. And come back anytime we want, right?

While camping van almost means the same. In Prague for example, our first time to experience camping with a van, after we arrived at the camping space, the host greeted us and inform to park first. So we did. The camping space did not have many camping vans or guests yet so there was enough space for parking.

Even so, the parking space was spacious.

We started to set up. Chris did almost all the job because he is mostly great at engineering things, of course, I helped a little bit. ( haha!)


We proceeded to the reception for the check-in. The host required us one valid ID for each and did the transaction like the payment. It was quite simple and easy.

After everything is set and done, we went out to go sightseeing.

How about the camping van?

Well, the camping van as I’ve mentioned, we just let it parked at the camping area. That’s all. It’s like our hotel room.

What’s included in the camping area?

The camping area is a huge space with some rooms ( probably for the owners) and other facilities like shower rooms, for men and women, kitchen and toilet.

How much does it cost?

The price for two nights, camping including the electricity, parking, and other facilities inside the parking space is 34Euro for both.

How and where to book?

When you search online on camping spaces, you’ll actually find a lot. In Prague where we camped, there were tons to choose from. We decided to make a reservation at Prague Camp or you may check their official websites at

It was relatively simple.

First, just send an email stating you want to use their camping space at your chosen date, wait for their reply, if it’s available, it’ll be confirmed, otherwise, you’ll find a new camping space.

Just make sure you arrived at your reservation date.

Easy, right? That’s all actually.

The overall experience

Fun and simply delightful. We enjoyed it a great deal. Naturally, there were still a few things we have to get used to inside the camping van and though we were very new to this camping style, we managed to really have a good time.

Funny, we actually named him George the blue horse. Why? George is from me because I’m fond of this name while the blue horse is from Chris means Redhorse, the name of the alcohol in the Philippines but he only changes it to blue because our camping van is colored blue.

On a personal note,

Can’t wait to explore Europe with our camping van, George!

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