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Hi, welcome to my English Lessons! My name is Catherine, ready to be your English Teacher/ Business Trainer.


I’m from the country with one of the highest English speaking citizens and considered English as the second language, Philippines and currently living in a country of Beer and Pretzel, Germany. I moved to Germany in November of last year to join my German husband. Nevertheless, I’ve been an English Teacher/ Business Trainer for more than 7 years now and I do enjoy it a lot! I worked for an English Company before for 5 years and met amazing humble English learners that are most are from Japan. And with their impact on me as their Teacher, I’ve become more motivated to teach and share my knowledge to non-English speaker people.

I can’t say my best specialty is when it comes to levels of students I am teaching with, I can just say that I do love all levels, whether beginner or advance, kids or adults. For me, I enjoy all kinds of conversation because I’m a very versatile person when it comes to language teaching and of course I make sure it’s so much fun and breaking the barrier!

Welcome to my English lessons


  • 7 Plus years of teaching experience in the classroom and online setting
  • English Tutor/ Business Trainer Certified
  • TESOL Certificate
  • Top 5 best teacher in my previous company among the 5,000++ others

Programs/ Lessons

This programs and lessons I’ve created are for your preference. And this English lessons are suitable for all levels, English lessons for beginners, advance, adult, or kids. However, should you need a specific one, please do let me know. I’d be happy to engage!

English Programs/ Lessons


As I’m an individual, I make communication easier and hassle-free. Just add and message me on Skype at Let me know that you’re interested to be one of my students and then we can get started!


  • $50 for 30 minutes of lessons, 12 sessions. You have the option to do it in a month or whenever you can complete it.
  • $5 per 30-minute lesson. This is a one-time lesson, should you cannot commit to a month full lesson.

I only charge less compare to the big Organizations, Centers or Academies. And so far, I’ve only come up with these options for you. Should you need more focus or learning, please let me know, I’d be more than happy to help!


As of the moment, I only accept payments via Paypal at I haven’t really activated my Visa yet, and as soon as I got it done, I’d let you know to make it also more convenient for you.

Free 30minute lesson for first time

By the way, should you wish to join our Facebook group at Fun English 101, you’re very welcome!

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