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20 Photos inside Safari of South Africa

What is Safari?

Safari is an expedition to observe or hunt animals in their natural habitat, especially in the African Continents.

Safari, it’s everyone’s dream.

We’ve recently made one of our dreams come true, to travel to African continents and see the wild inside Safari of South Africa. And I couldn’t be more bewildered how truly magnificent the wild animals are.

Here are some of our favorite photos we took inside Safari of South Africa, wild animals from Addo National Elephant Park and Kruger National Park.

The Lion King and its Queen

Inside Safari, the game to search for the Lion is tremendously difficult, for one, it’s because they’re only a few of them and most of the time, they’re napping behind the bush or fern. Thus, one must wait patiently and be vigilant. This photo surely is one of our top photos as this was a rare scene of the Lions.

A ready pose not so tiny African elephant

Contrary to Lion’s elements, African Elephants are very easy to spot. Aside from they’re huge in size, they’re also big in numbers. And the good deal is, they’re everywhere inside Safari, sometimes, in herds.

Stripe is the all-time favorite pattern

Zebras are the first wild animals we spotted by the way once we entered Addo Elephant National Park. They seem to be gentle and constantly next to each other.

The Leopard

A kind and generous Safari searcher willingly hinted us that there was a leopard around 1.7km away from us. We rushed to see where it was. Luckily, there was not a big crowd yet when we arrived, spotted the leopard right away, while it got up just when we got there.

A Southern Ground Hornbill

A Southern Ground Hornbill transporting a snail through his mouth for a meal. They’re exceptionally rare to find in the Safari, they only have a specific area where they roam around.

A Spotted Hyena

If you’ve watched The Lion King movies, they’re one of the villains. They candidly are. During the Safari adventure, we watched them try to invade the Lions’ premises, yet, they couldn’t win over. Once they catch sight of the Lion King himself, even though there were four of them during that time, they indeed fearfully stepped back. What a scene.

A Nyala

Nyala is a spiral-horned and middle-sized antelope, between a bushbuck and a kudu. Just when we passing by when a Nyala was jumping off across the street.


Warthogs are also one of the most famous characters of The Lion King. Pumba is a character of this film. And he’s incredibly famous for Hakuna-Matata a Swahili language phrase from Tanzania, meaning “no trouble” or “no problems at Addo Elephant National park, they’re pretty much throughout the land.


The ostrich is the largest and heaviest living bird and although they cannot fly like most birds, they can run as fast as 70km per hour. They are also once called a camel due to their long legs. They seem to be cute running around and walking big steps around Safari park, but they can also be dangerous.


All around South Africa, it is highly prohibited to feed a Baboon. Any lawbreakers will be prosecuted. This same goes for the Safari park. They roam freely with their youngs.

And another Baboon

It isn’t really surprising seeing Baboons inside the Safari Park. However, like the other animals, they possess their own territory, and if you’ve passed through, it’s like getting a front-row seat at a film set of Planet of the Apes.

The Blue Wildebeest

It doesn’t seem to be blue, aye. Like literally, At first glimpse, it resembles to a wild Buffalo, a skinnier version though. Wildebeest (also called a gnu) are a member of the antelope family

Cape Buffalo

In terms of strength and dangerousness, the Cape Buffalo is one of the big five in the Safari Parks. The term big five refers to the most difficult animals in Africa to hunt on foot. Thus, Cape Buffalo is large and powerful.

Greater Kudu

One must believe that a greater Kudu feature must somehow inspire by the movie, Maleficient by Angelina Jolie. Its tantalizing horns are perfectly magical, as one of the spectral characters in animation or some sort. They are true, one of the wildest out of the ordinary to search for inside Safari.

How picturesque is this


Impalas are medium size Antelope, a feast and consistently on a menu of predators in the wild. All around the Safari park, they are gathered in large herds especially after the wet season when hunting for foods is bountiful. Not to mention, they provide one of the ultimate meat for Biltong, a South African way of drying meat and curing meat.

The three White-Backed Vultures

With a slight silhouette captured, these White-backed Vultures are just hanging around on a dead tree. We took this photo when we’re about to finalize our day trip adventure in the Safari Park.

The Hippopotamus

The Hippopotamus is all day long in the waters. They spend at least 16 hours a day soaking their huge bodies submerging in the rivers of the Safari Park. This is part of their nature. Thus, it’s hardly ever to take a snap of them. Only a small portion of their entire huge body.

A Tortoise

Inside the Safari Park, even the slowest has the right of way. This mini tortoise is heading off to the bush at a leisurely pace, thus, we must cooperate to make sure we won’t smash it with our running vehicle.

So, this is our compiled photos inside the Safari of South Africa. The animals are nothing short of majestic and I love them all. There are, of course, certain general rules to follow when visiting a Safari, always and always stay in your vehicles. Whether a self-drive or a Safari jeep, unless advised otherwise.

Have you been to any Safari inside National Parks? What’s your most favorite animal?

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