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Hi! It’s nice to see you here! I’m happy you found me! 


Study English Online


Let’s then get started… I’m here for you! 



  • 30 minutes
  • 1 hour
  • or more .. ?





  • Business and Emails
  • Daily News
  • Practical daily conversations
  • or..    you can customize


Basically, it’s all up to you! Should you want to just have a free conversation,  practice your English communication skill, of course!  Or need to learn about business for business trips? Or problematic on how to send emails to a boss, colleagues, practice a job interview? TOEIC, TOEFL tests? Don’t worry, I got you!



how does it work?


It’s a Skype call lesson. You must have a Skype account, if not, you can download. Don’t worry it’s free! Or, anyways you prefer. Name it! Facebook messenger call, Line, or whichever for as long as we can talk! But most particularly, Skype is the most common way, it’s also more convenient and easy to use! 

Did you enjoy the conversation and want to extend? I would most prefer and appreciate it, besides, who wouldn’t want to have a fun and fruitful conversation? ( But sorry, with charge! )





I’m very generous with the time,  I know how it feels like having your own freedom of time, whenever you’re free, please free to take the lesson.  YES. ANYTIME YOU WANT TO STUDY! But at least not later than 12 midnight!




ONLINE school or private turor


I know! You probably have experienced studying English through the support of your company, but how about a private tutor? Do you actually know the difference?