Tantalizing Thailand

Thailand, a tropical country in Southeast Asia. A place where you’ll find the most friendly and polite people, delectable foods and amazing culture.

March 2015 was the first time I set foot in this tantalizing country, Thailand. Back then I had no idea what to expect. Little did I know, I absolutely fell in love with it.

The Real Experience inside the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Camp 8, Chiang Mai, Thailand

“No words can describe how much we indulged in spending precious moments with the elephants even just for half a day. For me, it’s a priceless experience. And if I will be given another chance, I’ll be more than willing to come back and babysit them! I would also probably go to see the elephant centre next time. Visiting The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary in Chiang Mai Thailand was a blast!”

The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary is a Worthy Visit
Fluffy Sunday at True Love Cafe @ Neverland 20

Fluffy Sunday at True Love Cafe

“Playtime was my most favorite part at True Love Cafe. The dogs were too adorable I couldn’t resist. Though, some policies and rules were strictly implemented. It was indeed, a fluffy Sunday for us at True Love Cafe, Bangkok, Thailand”.

What's so special about the sleeper train to Chiang Mai and why does everybody seem to like to take this?

The sleeper train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

With all of these experiences on board, I must say there are probably more interesting reasons why the sleeper train to Chiang Mai is popular to all travelers. There’s something special about the sleeper train itself aside from the comfort it offers. It’s totally comfortable.  What’s more? Of course, we’re traveling together and we did actually sleep on one single bed! We were really looking forward to the sleeper train! Isn’t it lovely? The sleeper train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai was no doubt, one of the best experiences in our travels in Thailand.

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