Top 7 things you shouldn’t miss in Catanduanes (10)
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Top 7 things you shouldn’t miss in Catanduanes

If you’re heading to Catanduanes soon, then I hope you wouldn’t miss these incredible things to see. Here are my top 7.


Rolling hills

Batanes is known for its rolling hills and other scenic sights making it a dream destination to many. However, to some, it remains a dream because of its expensive airfare. But did you know that somewhere in Catanduanes, there is a place with an equally breathtaking view? The place is called, Binurong Point, the most famous rolling hills of Catanduanes.  


📍Binurong Point, Barangay Guinsaanan, Catanduanes

How to get there:

  • By Habal Habal from Virac 
  • By jeepney to Baras town 

How much 💰 : 40pesos per person by Habal Habal From Baras tö Barangay Guinsaanan, around 500 pesos round trip. 

Travel time : 15-20minutes ride to Binurong main point

Register first before entering 

Entrance fee 💰: 30 pesos per person 

Guide Fee 💰: 200 pesos per solo/group

Hike time ⏱: 30-40minutes from the main point to Binurong Point (depends on your walking pace) 

📌 No overnight stay 

📌A tour guide is a must

To see more photos and further details, you can check my Facebook post.

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  • Lolong Point in Panganiban
  • Hiyop Highlands
  • Cagnipa Rolling Hills
  • Palestina Rolling Hills


As the Philippines is a group of islands, it is blessed with beautiful beaches. As a beach lover, I was incredibly happy that beach-hopping was part of out itinerary during our Fam Tour in Catanduanes. 

One of my favorite beaches can be found in Virac, Batag. The beach has fine golden sand, deep blue waters. It is worth noting that it is close to the airport, only 20-30 minutes away via a habal-habal (motorbike). You can even see a glimpse of the Mayon Volcano from the opposite side of the beach.

How to get there:

Rent/Hire a habal-habal from Virac Airport. The regular fare costs 30 pesos per person. Please note that you still need to wait for other passengers going to the same destination. But if you don’t mind paying more, a solo trip will cost you around 200 to 300 pesos.

Check out the top 5 beaches in Catanduanes I wrote at escapemanila blog.

Summit View Peak

I hope you are a morning person because it is best to visit the summit view during sunrise. Yep, you can witness the stubby sea of clouds here,  just take a few steps up and you’ll be rewarded with an amazing view. 

To tell you the truth, we missed the first session of the heavenliness of sea of clouds (shame!) as we were kind of behind time. Regardless, we were still able to see a remarkable sight. And while you’re there, you must try their rambutan. It is a fruit that you can buy in the area; it is quite sour but tender. 

The right side photo above are the local amiable guides of Summit View Park! 

Local foods

I think I’ve had some of the best seafood and kakanin in Catanduanes. The fresh lobster and shrimps were so yummy they stole my heart. My favorite dish was the “kuhol” dish (snail in English). It was cooked with fresh veggies and coconut milk, it was unbelievably good. Eating this dish is an experience in itself, if you don’t know-how, you can ask the locals. Don’t worry it’s easy, just suck the snail out of its shell and it goes right into your mouth.

Local Abaca products

Abaca is the main product of Catanduanes, which they use to turn into different items that are artistic, affordable, and fashionable. I didn’t miss the chance of taking home a locally produced abaca bag. Can you believe, I only got it for 150 pesos?! 

By buying any of the abaca products, you are helping the local Abaca farmers at the same time. 

Abaca trees plantation can be found in the north of Catanduanes. They’re actually quite similar looking with the banana trees, the difference is that Abaca leaves are long and pointed while banana leaves are wide and shorter. 

Delicia’s Farm 

Delicia’s farm is one of a kind for me. Not only did I fall in love with the simplicity of the place, but I also found the owner, Mike, the farmer endearing. He made our short visit fun and memorable. 

What is Delicia’s Farm? 

Committed to serve the most delicious yet stomach filling organic and natural foods, Delicia’s Farm is one of the must-visit places in Catanduanes. If you’re looking for a unique way to spend your day or night, then head to Delicia’s Farm. 


🌾Delicia’s Farm serves foods that are absolutely organic, natural, and delicious.

🌾Farm to table, meaning, the food on the table came directly from a specific farm without going through a store, market, or distributor along the way.

🌾Poultry animals such as chicken 🐓 is being raised in the backyard community.

🌾 Delicia’s Farm is personally managed by the owner, Michael F. Tidon, or as many call him, Mike. He makes sure that every guest enjoys a meaningful visit, whether a day trip or overnight stay. 

🌾 Delicia’s farm gives you an excellent piece of serenity away from the chaos of the city.

🌾 Fresh Coconut juice is only 20 pesos. 

🌾 Must try their home made Atsara and Bukayo! 

🌾 Absolutely Pocket-friendly.

For more pictures and further details, head to my Facebook post and Delicia’s Official Facebook page.


Have you been to Catanduanes? What did you like the best? Share in the comment below! ♡


Special thanks to Mam Carmel of Catanduanes Department of Tourism and the full staff of Catanduanes Department of Tourism, Tourism Promotions Board and to all the people who guided us,  for this super fun and extraordinary tour around the beautiful and charming Catanduanes. Truly worth a visit!  


Main Photo credit to Ude of Tourism Promotions Board

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