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6 hours in Macau Guide

Macau is just an hour away by ferry from Hong Kong. Very close, right? And the good thing is, even if it’s just a day trip, the selection of getting a glimpse of Macau’s popular landmarks are pretty high! 

If you’re in Hong Kong, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll enjoy a side trip to Macau.


PASSPORT.  You must bring with you your passport, it is necessary before buying your ferry ticket.

We bought a ticket at Turbo Jet, one of the travel agencies at the Macau Ferry Terminal. There are several travel agencies to choose from, with some selling expensive while others were cheaper. A one-way ticket costs 186HKD per person. The return ticket though was a bit higher at around 200HKD per person.  ( photo)


We stayed at the waiting area until we were called for departure. We were also given seat numbers. Luckily, our seats were at the right corner, just the way we wanted!

This is the Fast Craft to Macau


As expected, we arrived on time.

Please note that despite Hong Kong and Macau being neighboring states, you still have to go through IMMIGRATION and that may take some of your already limited visit to Macau. Prepare your passport and fill out the arrival and departure card that you’ll find near the immigration windows. Don’t worry, immigration officers are available to assist you.


  • By Bus. We took bus #10A to get to Central City. Our main purpose was to see the St. Paul Ruins. As for the bus payment, we tried to use our Octopus card but unfortunately, so had to pay in Hong Kong dollars instead. Just try to pay by the exact amount as the bus drivers don’t give change.
  • By free shuttle. I remember on my first visit in Macau with my bff, Jonas, we took the free hotel shuttle. Depending on your destination around Macau, just simply hop on since some of the popular tourist spots are just around the area! 





Basically, since we only had a short hour to spare, we made sure to see :

The Ruins of St. Paul Cathedral

Macau Skyline

Climb the stairs at the rear end of the ruins to see the panoramic view of the Macau skyline, the cannon lines and the relaxing garden landscapes of this Portuguese landmark. 

Senado Square

Senado Square on a rainy day

Try local Snacks

The famous Egg tart and some fish balls with sauce. You must try!




We bumped into this resto/cafe upon strolling around

Buy a Souvenir

Yep. We got a postcard and we actually wrote to ourselves!

Souvenir shops are just down the Ruins of St. Paul Cathedral. Take a postcard with you or even ref magnets! Prices are pocket-friendly! 

Take Pictures

All around you can take as many interesting pictures as you like!

Head back to the port so you don’t miss your departure!

On the way back to the Port, you will take the same bus number you took before. Travel time takes only 20 to 30min.


Make sure to not miss your departure time. At least arrive 30 minutes before!

This is the bridge view you get to see. It’s especially stunning at nightfall even tho there’s drizzles of rain. Capture it if you can.


In April when we were there, it was rainy so better prepare a raincoat, boots, umbrella and you might as well bring a sweater with you though it’s not really that cold.

MACAU is a small city that allows tourists to roam around and enjoy the sight of popular landmarks in just a short span of time. Take note that The Ruins is one of the most popular spots bursting with people so expect a photo with the crowd as background.  Should you have plenty of time and want to explore Macau longer, you may also buy your ticket in advance. Leave early, depending on your preference. 

Got any questions about Macau? Ask me!


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