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Travel Stories & Inspirations

When traveling and upon coming back home, Travel stories are one of my most favorite parts to tell anyone how it went. Including a bit of inspiration is a bonus.

What it means to leave Manila behind

“It had always been my dream to work, live, and, hopefully, have fun in a massive metropolitan. Besides seeing skyscrapers, I wanted to enjoy the fruit of my labor at shopping malls, cafes, and restaurants. The urban jungle was like another country to me. Every time I went there, I couldn’t contain my palpable excitement. I’ll never forget Manila”.

What it means to leave Manila behind

We are always meant for something better: How travel changed my life

Travel has led me to my passion and has made me a storyteller 

“Writing my thoughts down on my diary is a habit I have always been fond of doing. When I reached high school and college, my circle of friends was composed of writers and editors. I thought I couldn’t be like them, because I thought my skills weren’t enough. Nevertheless, I knew that I’ve been destined for writing”.

Travel changes

Things I wholeheartedly embraced when I started traveling

“Two years ago, I conquered my fear of stepping outside my four-cornered room. A million thanks to my best friend, Greg, who started it all by booking a flight to Hong Kong and Macau, my first ever trip abroad. It was fulfilling! From then on, I kept rewarding myself epic trips and travel in and out of my country to quench my thirst for traveling and to see what’s really out there for me”.

When in Chinatown, Bangkok, Go for T & K Seafood!12

Two months in Bangkok in a nutshell

“My life in Bangkok isn’t perfect, but I love it. It has given me more time to write, something I’ve always loved to do. It has taken away the monotony of sitting in front of the computer for 8-10 hours straight, 7 days a week. That old life isolated me from the world. It’s one of those travel stories I’d never get tired of telling anyone”.

Travel with Mom

“The moment she knew that we were taking her to a vacation which would involve riding on an airplane, she couldn’t hide her excitement. She was like a child who just received a surprise present on her birthday. She loves traveling and travel itself. She’s just too occupied at home sometimes”