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Life in Germany, so far.

I moved to Germany in November of last year, 2019 to join my husband, Chris who is a German Citizen. This is the story of my life in Germany, so far.

A little background of our love story

We met in a hostel in Cebu in May 2017, got engaged in Sri Lanka in December 2018 and got married in Hongkong in April 2019. Two months after our wedding, we started to gather our documents and I applied for the Family Reunion Visa (FRV) visa in the German Embassy in Manila. September of the same year, we finally got the visa. We didn’t expect that our Family Reunion Visa ( FRV) would get done and arrive soon, sooner than we’ve expected.

Before moving to Germany

I didn’t know how to tell my family about the news. I was pretty sure they’d be extremely happy for me because finally, I’d be able to join my husband and there’d be no more long-distance for both of us, the only sad part is, I’d be away from them, like across the globe. And so I did tell anyway, to not overlook, my mom was the first person in my family I told on to.

She obviously exhibited a feeling of melancholy but tried her best to hide it, and spoke: ” Still a few months to go”.

Upon arrival

Chris patiently waited for my arrival at the airport in Munich. I was packed with three luggage containing almost everything of my life from the Philippines. We embraced each other tight, beyond happy to see each other again and excited to live a life together under one roof. The moment we have been praying and waiting for had finally come.

The first impression of Munich, my new city

I can still clearly remember my first impression of Munich the first day I ever set foot on it. Gloomy, rainy, and cold. In other words, unpleasant. A lot different from where I used to be back at home where it’s always sunny and lively. Yet Munich seems to me profoundly tranquil and peaceful.

Feeling home by the way when I entered my second and new home, our apartment, where Chris has been living alone for fours year now. He even bought me a new orchid flower to welcome me and make me feel at home. The flat is wide, spacious, organize and especially clean. I love how Chris manages his flat by himself and knows particularly how.

At the same time, I had a mix of the emotion and nostalgia of moving into a new place.

For the record, it wasn’t my first time living abroad. I’ve lived in Bangkok, Thailand before for almost half year and worked as a Guesthouse Manager owned by a Thai friend, after that, I moved to Hanoi, Vietnam to do a volunteering job as an English teacher at a homestay and worked as a part-time / Substitute English teacher at a Private Nursery/ Kindergarten.

On the contrary, they were all temporary. This time, it’s permanent.

Leaving Munich for the meantime

Three weeks later after I arrived and midway of settling myself in, we flew to South Africa to start off our 43 days honeymoon. A travel affair we have been looking forward to. This is the reason why I stayed shorter in Munich and longer in South Africa.

Thus, I didn’t feel the sort of vibe in Munich that I supposed to get familiar with. Say the environment, the daily routine, the weather among many others.

Going back to Munich for good and struggles

Along with when we came back after the honeymoon from South Africa, that’s where everything felt real, and plenty of in-depth concerns submerged in me.

First off, the weather temperature. I was not in my typical environment anymore, I couldn’t almost glimpse of the sun because well, it’s January and it’s winter so it’s pretty standard. Further, I have to wear pajama, sweaters, and socks every day. ( But I still hate socks and don’t wear it every day because it’s so warm on my feet)

I don’t have regular friends as well hang out with or at least who I can meet anytime for a coffee. But at least I made progress when Chris introduced me to his close friends. Both couples have children so I really enjoyed meeting them. Because I’m passionate about children.

On the bright side

I finally got to see and play in snow, an ultimate dream I’ve had as a child because growing up in a tropical paradise, all I had were sands and palms that of course, incredibly irresistible, but snow for me is marvelously magnificent especially when it’s blanketing the alps as far as my eyes can reach.

I’ve also been to a number of European countries, that most of my traveler friends and I have dreamed of, like Austria, Italy, and Switzerland in just a short period of time. Countries for me that I’ve only seen in world maps and used to daydreamed a lot before were not places that I did finally get to only explore but now have become my neighbors.

As of the moment, I am not yet employed but already found some options that aligned with my interests and passions. Still crossing fingers to land some or any of them. Nonetheless, I’m absolutely confident that I’d score one, as my husband always says, ” Germany is a land of opportunities, there is a 200% chance of getting a job, either a part-time, a mini or full time”.

On weekdays, my daily routine is corresponding, from having a cup of coffee with Chris before he leaves for work to doing yoga, meditating, working on my blog, studying Deutsch by myself and the rest, depends on what is planned.

And while preparing for more challenges to come my way, I devote my time as a full-time wife to Chris and I am proud of that. I take charge of almost everything here in our home besides that. From organizing stuff to house chores that I enjoy the most especially cooking our daily meals.

On missing home, the Philippines

On the other side of the story, there are no days that I don’t think and miss my family back at home in the Philippines, the life I had there and everything in between. My life here in Germany pretty much reminds me of them.

Everything in my life in Germany right now is completely different, new and some are either surprising or interesting. ( More about my culture shock later on a separate post) My life has totally changed, dramatically in an unexpectedly beautiful way.

And this I know for sure that there are inevitable circumstances in life that will always change, cannot remain the same. I have no complaints. After all, who am I to complain when I have the life that some may have ever wished for. I am forever grateful for everything.

My life in Germany will never be the same as my life in the Philippines. But this I can honestly say, I’m blessed and I’m loving every bit of it. No doubt. No questions asked.

Above all, there’s no other indescribable feeling than being reunited with my husband, finally.

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