The Philippines travel * A home of 7 thousand plus islands

The Philippines travel * A home of 7 thousand plus islands

Travel to the Philippines, A home of 7 thousand plus islands, an archipelagic country in Southeast Asia with world-class beaches and home to one of the warmest and most hospitable people. Growing up in this beautiful country, I am very proud to introduce its beauty to the world.

travel to the Philippines, an archipelago with amazing extraordinary people and places


catanduanes a happy island * Travel to the Philippines

Top 6 things you shouldn’t miss in Catanduanes

If you’re Travelling to the Philippines and heading to Catanduanes soon, I hope you wouldn’t miss these incredible things to see. Here are my top 6 things in this incredible humbled destination.


Your quick guide to Cebu * The Philippines travel * A home of 7 thousand plus islands

Your Quick Guide To Visiting Cebu, Philippines

Cebu is a province comprising islands and islets in the Central Visayas region in the Philippines. When I was planning to visit my travel around the Philippines, I knew I must include Cebu. Well, how could I miss it? There are Cebu’s famous Lechon and other stunning islands. Thus, if you’re planning to visit it and still have no idea about what to do or where to go, read on. Here are some spots and activities you might want to consider.

Summer or not, some of these stunning and unspoiled beaches are worth to visit


Duli beach El Nido, truly a piece of paradise.

Duli beach, A piece of paradise in El Nido

Duli beach is one of the most extraordinary beaches we’ve ever been to. It was recommended by a local on our two weeks trip to Palawan. And didn’t dismay! I was left in awe. And I think you should see it yourself, too!

Sailing in El Nido - A first-time experience

Sailing in El Nido, Palawan

We were in charge of our boat. There was no guide to help us, so it was total freedom. We were free to choose the islands we’d go to (but of course, only those on the map). We went to Pinagbuntayan Island, a sort of private island that is an ideal place for snorkeling. It was wonderful to have sailed across the sea and docked on the island, considering that we were first-timers. Sailing was one of the most spectacular activities in my travels in the Philippines.



Your quick guide in Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera is a big island. If you are traveling there for the first time and want some cozy private time, this is your quick guide in Puerto Galera that can help you save precious time!


Digyo Island * Cuatros Islas Leyte

Cuatros Islas Leyte- Faraway Islands you’ll instantly fall in love with

Summer or not, there are plenty of islands in the Philippines to choose from. One of them is Cuatros Islas in Leyte. It may be far away, but indeed, it’s islands that you’ll instantly fall in love with. Lucky, my friend Mejas and I got to explore and enjoy these stunning unspoiled pieces of heaven.

Let’s go to the surfing capital of the Philippines.


Fun Things to Do in Siargao, whether you’re surfing or not

Fun things to do in Siargao whether you’re surfing or not

Don’t fret about how you’re going to spend the rest of your stay. Here are my recommended fun things to do on this amazing world-class island, Siargao.

Sleeping over on Guyam Island, A must try in Siargao.

Sleeping over on Guyam island. A must try in Siargao

Guyam is one of the three islands that you can hop on in Siargao. But if you’re not interested in surfing,  I strongly suggest you try this special and amazingly insane fun activity!