Rolling the love through the distance
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Love at the time of disbelief (and distance)

“I thought I wasn’t lucky in romance especially when distance became an issue. It wasn’t that bad; it just wouldn’t work out. But this time, it’s different.”

He asked, “What’s it like?”

He had no idea how long-distance relationship works.

For the record, I already had 5 years in total in this kind of thing.

Why don’t you try again?” he asked as though he was hinting on something.

NO,” I answered firmly. I still have some issues about, and perhaps some sort of attachment with my past romance.


He didn’t reply. We continued to chill out in silence on the beach. It was the first time we spent time together as super friends. We were still strangers to each other, not even sweet, nor was no sign of romance in the air.

I went back to Manila. He stayed in Cebu, hopping from one island to another and kept in touch, though.

He wanted to see me again. It was probably love at first sight for him. (I presumed. As for me, I wasn’t attracted to him. I even thought he was creepy by the way he stared me.) I couldn’t tell him the personal reason why  I couldn’t see him, so I simply reasoned that I was busy at work and couldn’t afford to venture into another trip as I had just got back from one.

( Although, deep inside me, I also wanted to see him again too! )

The most surprising thing happened, I found myself taking a flight to Bohol to see him again and spend a week vacation at a hotel resort. Then, I made a life changing decision (that’s for another writing).

He proved to me later on that people, sometimes, are prone to bad impressions. We may not like them at first because we didn’t feel any interest. But connection doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a while to touch someone’s heart. As the days went by, there was some feeling growing stronger inside me. And that sort of thing that’s exciting.

I took the flight and met with him. He picked me up from the port in Bohol. Our second meeting was cool. There were no pretentions, no dramas, no boundaries. We were natural. He confessed his feelings for me which surprised me, because honestly, I had never met a guy who was as gentleman, as decent and as candid as he is. That’s why I admire him greatly.

And although I forewarned him that I wasn’t keen on falling in love again (because he’s a traveler), he persevered. (Fact: Real Men know what they want and they pursue it) Remember Why I didn’t want to fall in love with a traveler.

Despite that, he showed me how willing he was to start a new journey with me. My heart knew something was about to go right.

“For the first time in my life, someone is going to take me and our relationship seriously without considering distance a hindrance.  He’s a very thoughtful person with a genuine personality and sensible  that added to my affection for him. I must admit, though, I was more experienced in this kind of relationship but I was kind of dithering, perhaps because it was real”

The trip ended, sadly. He flew back to Germany, and I returned to Manila. It’s crazy.

We’ve known each other for only a couple of months, but if feels like we’ve been together for ages. When we were about to part ways at the airport in Cebu, we were sobbing like kids. It was like a movie scene. Everybody was staring at us. I handed him a letter saying thank you for the good times that made him shed tears even harder. ( Men love letters, it makes them feel love ) Then, I boarded the plane.  By far, that’s one of my most favorite travel stories.

Love means taking risks. Distance should not matter. If two are willing to be together again, what’s distance? Even if we’re a thousand miles away, he’s always supportive. From helping me in my plan to move abroad to small cute random stuff.  Love can make you do hilarious things sometimes, and that’s just adorably sweet.

You shouldn’t doubt love. You shouldn’t doubt your feelings.  Love happens at an unexpected moment, but what excites us the most is the story that’s going to grow despite the distance. I told him I couldn’t do this long-distance relationship for the rest of my life and gladly, “We’re on the same page! We share the same vision and goal.”  Distance is just temporary. Bliss at its finest.

Fate. We can’t tell what the future holds. We don’t know what tomorrow brings, but whatever that is, all I know is that we’re meeting again in August! And I can’t wait for another beautiful adventure with this sweet blue-green-eyed guy who never fails to bring out the best in me! And because of that, he gives me the meaning of real love. In the end, I swallowed my own words of not entertaining someone who’s miles away from me. It doesn’t matter now. He changed my belief about the (in)existence of real men. One  absolute thing that he made me realize is, real men exist. And they’re not afraid to show their love.

If you ever found someone like him, don’t ever let him go. He is someone who’s worth keeping and worth every single mile. 


So far, he’s one of the main reasons why I love Bohol. How about you? Do you have a similar story? Have you met someone so special during your travels? 

P.S. He’s the one who took this photo of me on the beach that first day.


                                                                    Thanks for reading! ♡

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