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Two nights camping at Allweglehen Camping Resort

In the second week of March two weeks before the lockdown in Bavaria begun, my husband and I had got to enjoy two nights camping at Allweglehen Camping Resort.

We enjoyed it a lot, little did we know, that’s our last outdoor activity before everything started to close down due to the coronavirus.

Allweglehen Camping Resort is just a 2-hour drive from Munich. And on the way, we were granted by the alluring nature.

Second time camping

That was just our second time to go camping with our camper van.

As I’ve posted in my previous article, we just purchased our camper van a month ago, and so we didn’t do so many camping activities yet.

And then we found Allweglehen Camping Resort, which is a camping site that offers a space for campers.

Easy check-in

We didn’t make a reservation online. Upon arriving, we informed the receptionist that we wanted to stay for two nights. March is an offseason in Bavaria because it’s still relatively cold.

The camper site, besides, was spacious.

We arrived late in the afternoon so we didn’t do much except lounging inside the camper van while gazing at the amazing view of nature.

Allweglehen Camping Resort awarded us a magnificient panoramic view of the “Berchtesgaden” National Park, such as “Watzmann”“Hoher Göll”“Hochkalter”“Untersberg”“Reiteralpe”“Jenner” that totally left us in awe.


Furthermore, it comprises relaxing amenities such as a sauna and heated outdoor swimming pool, which I particularly enjoyed on the second day of camping.

They also have a restaurant should you need to dine in, but in our case, we had our foods stocked in our mini-fridge. 

And if you may ask, yes, there are toilets and a bathroom in the camper area so no fret and they’re clean and well maintained, too!

On a personal note,

Two nights camping was short; nevertheless, it was terrific, and we did luxuriate in. I love camping with our camper van most especially. Not only because it’s a unique idea of traveling, but also it gives a pleasant feeling.

Allweglehen Camping Resort was a charming place for my husband and me, and we loved it. The vicinity itself was grand. We’d like to go back again.

And while writing this, we’re in the middle of the coronavirus lockdown in Germany.

But I always have high hopes that everything will be back to normal soon, and we can see the world again.

Allweglehen Camping Resort is located at Allweggasse 4 83471 Berchtesgaden. For more information, please visit their official website.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Everything written here are honest and mine.

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Camping at Allweglehen Camping Resort, Bavaria

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