Weekend well-spent: Maximizing a two-day escapade
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Weekend well-spent: Maximizing a two-day escapade

“I’m thinking of spending a long weekend in Bangkok. What do you think?” he said enthusiastically.

“Hmmm, it’s okay and fun, but we’re meeting soon, so it’s also okay if you don’t.”

First attempt at booking a flight failed. So, we thought that maybe, it wasn’t meant to happen. But the possibility of seeing him again after being apart for a while sent beautiful jitters for many reasons I couldn’t grasp.

A few hours later, he surprised me with a successful flight booking. It was tense. At first, I thought it was insane. He had to endure a 30-hour flight to spend three nights and two days with me. It would be exhausting, expensive and most of all, fleeting.  And it would be romantic at the same time. I was beyond ecstatic. Imagine flying from Munich to spend only three nights and two days in Bangkok! The feeling was vastly overpowering.

I asked the owner of the guesthouse that I managed if I could take a day off on a weekday and requested one of the volunteers to adjust his schedule for me. Good thing, they were kind enough to grant me the favors I asked for.


On the day of his arrival, my eyes were heavy. I was a bit intoxicated and was running late to pick him up from the airport.

As I was approaching the meeting point, my attention was captured by a tall gorgeous looking guy wearing a dark blue long polo shirt, long pants, and rubber shoes, and carrying a luggage. I thought to myself, “What a handsome guy he is. He must be on a business trip here in Bangkok.” Suddenly, I noticed him approaching me. I was trying to avoid his gaze. All of a sudden, I realized it was he. Wow! The gorgeous guy was actually my boyfriend!

We embraced each other as though there was no tomorrow and we kissed each other gently as were also trying to avoid making a scene. How could we not miss each other, right?

He brought special macaroons baked in Paris. They instantly melted my heart.

On his first night, we visited Hard Rock Cafe in Bangkok. One of our travel goals is to visit Hard Rock Cafe in every city.


In the next two days, we discovered noodle houses and tasted different varieties of noodles that are famous all over Thailand. We also visited True Love Café to play and cuddle with the Huskies, and devoured our favorite cheeseburger at McDonald’s. It’s the only burger we love to eat on our travels and again dined in at our top seafood restaurant, T & K Seafood at Chinatown.

We had a short list. Three nights was relatively short. But every single experience we created and shared together was grand.


He proved to me that occasionally, distance doesn’t matter as long as we constantly do things for each other that could make us closer. Every effort and surprise counts.

It was just a regular weekend, but given the extraordinary fact that he chose to spend it with me all the way from the other side of the globe made it extra special. I never had such a weekend like that before. It was absolutely romantic and I wouldn’t trade that for anything else.

That trip also made us vow to exert more effort in our future escapades, whether they happen over a weekend, or on a long holiday.

We continue discussing plans for our next destinations, as we’re both passionate about traveling.

Like love, all the good weekends bring out the best in us especially when we share them with someone that matters to us.

A short trip with him makes for an ultimate weekend.

And with him, I found the epitome of a sweetheart. I couldn’t be more thankful for that beautiful weekend and I will never lie, it’s one of the best weekends in my entire life! Thank you, Christoph!

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