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How Travelling with my Boyfriend Defined Our Relationship

“Compromising is everything.”


“Coming from different backgrounds, disagreements were inevitable. Nevertheless, compromising doesn’t need to be thorny. It can be accomplished by ironing out conflicts. Life on the road forces you to banish all your hostility. It’s inevitable, but if you accept that it’s your nature, things will be easier. Say for instance, what does he want to do today? Where do you want to eat? Which place do you want to see? Stuff like those can be settled in a pleasant way without murdering each other’s interest. Sometimes, compromising means settling for less for whatever reason, but it’s a good feeling that both of you are progressing in the same direction and that you’re jibing with one another.”


Have you ever traveled with your partner/ boyfriend? Or do you guys have plan? How was it? How did it go? No matter the outcome is, there’s always a wonderful lesson to be learned.


Please click the link below to know more about my experience traveling with my boyfriend. (sad to say, he’s already my ex boyfriend ) This is an article I’ve written for Tripzilla Magazine.



Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think! ♡


photo used above credited to my friend Tom x

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