Travels with a Camper Van in Europe

Traveling with a Camper Van in Europe is becoming popular. It is indeed an exciting way to move around. Thus, In February 2020, my husband and I decided to purchase one. To us, It’s a dream come true.

Hi, welcome to my page Travels with a Camper Van in Europe. So far, we’ve only traveled and experienced traveling with a camper van twice. However, we are not stopping. And there are hundreds of available camper sites in Bavaria alone. Also, Europeans like my husband are fond of love traveling with a camper van!

This page is especially including the places we’ve been and I hope this will help you in planning your next destination next time on your journey with your camper van.

First time Camper Van Experience

One of our first travels with a new Camper Van, whom we named George, was in Prague, the Czech Republic, and it was remarkably fun!  Plenty of things were still new for us, for example, letting it charged while in use to make sure it won’t run out the battery that produces energy for the mini-fridge in it. As well as getting a charger that is appropriate to use. ( varies from countries to another)We at first, of course, didn’t know about it. but because we’re a great team together, we figured it out.

How it's like to go camping with a van

The overall experience was fun and utterly delightful. We enjoyed it a great deal. We can’t wait to go traveling again with a camper van.

Two nights camping at Allweglehen Camping Resort

Allweglehen Camping Resort is a camper site in Bavaria. Two hours drive away from Munich, this resort offers a magnificient panoramic view of the “Berchtesgaden” National Park, such as “Watzmann”“Hoher Göll”“Hochkalter”“Untersberg”“Reiteralpe”“Jenner” that totally left us in awe.

Camping with a camper van

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