What It’s Like Working From Home

Have you ever wondered what it’s like working from home? Have you ever thought what exactly people who work from home do? Or feel? Do they feel satisfied? Happy? Excited? Convenient?

Well, you probably are right about what you’re thinking right now. How did they get started?

 Well, let me tell you a short story about how I started working online from home.

I used to work as a company secretary for almost two years. I quit when the company didn’t grant my request for salary increase even though I deserved it after all the effort I exerted and the hard work I poured into the job.

Until a friend of mine suggested that I work online instead.  I found Bibo Global Opportunity online while I was trying to quench my thirst to change my job. At first I was doubtful, but I gave it a shot and it worked for me! It was like magic, getting something that you never thought you could get. 

Because every time I look out from the balcony of my unit and see the traffic jam on the skyway, I feel lucky to not experience the chaos of going to work by via public transportation. I no longer want to go through the struggles of running late to work after a hellish ride on a jam-packed jeepney, or bus. Neither do I want to be stuck in my car in the middle of rush hour.

I experienced it before,   going to work but feeling and looking like I was already coming back home from work because of the stress. The hell? 

When it was taking its toll, I finally decided to leave my 8 am to 5 pm job.

So, what now?

I’m now working as an online English tutor, teaching lessons to and leading conversations with citizens in non-English speaking countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and China. Lately, we’ve also been targeting Brazil, Colombia, Russia, and Spain where the English language isn’t widely spoken either.

You see, I get to speak with different nationalities who come from different backgrounds and grew up with different cultures. It’s exciting to converse with them and learn a lot about their tradition even though I haven’t personally met them yet. It’s priceless!

The company that I’m working for now is operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Now, you may be wondering what it’s like to work from home. Here are the things that pretty much sum up my current career adventure.

It lets me do a lot of things

When my lesson starts at 6 am, I usually get up an hour ahead to prepare and do meditation and yoga, and cook for the four of us in the flat, drink my favorite cup of coffee and take a bath. My computer table is right in front of my bed, so I can check right away who my first student is without having to rush to the shower. Sometimes, I just brush my hair and apply powder on my face et voila, I look fresh.

I have no boss to boss me around. I have the freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I feel like it. My boss is myself.

It’s effortless

I don’t need to take time to choose my outfit, as my students are not very meticulous and particular about what I’m wearing. Sometimes, I just wear a plain shirt. Other times  I go a bit formal in a polo shirt blouse. They don’t ask me anyway. I don’t even wear make-up. Eyebrows to look human are good to go.

Time is flexible

Having a flexible schedule is worth more than winning the lottery. I can book a flight, go on vacation, plan a short trip, make my way to the grocery, run or jog to the park, sleep, watch a movie, and all other stuff. I can do them any time of the day! Since the company is operational 24 hours a day, I can go on a day, mid, or night shift.

Unfortunately, some people perceive it’s not a real job.

When my boyfriend’s brother knew about what I do for a living, he was surprised and said, “Is that even a job?!”

Aside from that, I can even bring my work with me wherever I go! How cool is that?

I must say, sometimes I don’t consider it a job; it’s a hobby that makes me earn money without sweating–just sitting in front of my laptop, talking to my students that I can call friends, and making people think that I am just usually talking to a friend, asking how her day was, what her plan for the weekend is, and other stuff. Tho, 

one of the worst misconceptions of people about this kind of job is that we’re into cybersex—which is absolutely not the case. Some are thinking that because of the huge amount we’re earning without having to do so much—just speak in front of the webcam. I just laugh at them. Oh wells.

But it’s not always fun being in a four cornered room all day long all by myself. Sometimes, it brings stress and depression. Everything has its downsides.


I’m always alone in my four cornered room. I have no one to talk to because the job requires silence. A fast internet access is is my only bestfriend. And I can never make it through the day without it. Unlike working at a regular day job, there is always someone chat with, ask about what’s the latest,  and about random stuff. I, on the other hand, just chat with my friends on messenger, the only way I could learn what’s happening.

I become lazy

Living and working in full convenience makes me really lazy. Sometimes, going to the convenience store to buy food or drink is already a big burden for me.

It’s not always fun

Talking to different people every 25 minutes of the day is fun, but conversing with complicated ones is not. In my class, I sometimes meet and talk to someone who wants to have a spontaneous conversation, but answers yes or no only to every question. 
For others, 25 minutes is short. But when you meet a student who’s difficult to speak with, 25 minutes is like forever.

The “Borlong Moment”

I never run out of what we call “The borlong moment.“ There are times that I feel lonesome. That feeling that you want to talk about random stuff only to realize that you’re alone. You get bored. You have no one to share snacks, lunch or gossip with.

No electricity, no internet, no work, no pay. 

Unlike working in an office, it’s okay to just sit and wait for the electricity to come back when there’s an outage. You can while away the time by chatting with your friends or colleagues. In this job, if a sudden power outage happens, it only means one real thing: PENALTY, as there’s no pay to receive and there are tons of apologies to ask from my students.

But you’ll learn to work hard.

When I say work hard, I mean working your ass off. Since you’re given the freedom to work at your own pace which entails great income, you’ll have the urge to work harder, causing you to sacrifice quality time with family and friends. I work hard. Yes I do. I think some people do, too. And working hard is a choice. You do it because you need to, not because you want to. And in my case, I do it because it’s the thing that I like to do, because working hard means money. More work, more money. And we should all admit that we need money to survive.

Balance is everything.

But balancing everything should not be taken for granted. We do the things that let us survive. But if all you care about is money, you’ll miss the most important things in your life. You’ll miss the fun.

You should go out and meet with your friends. Date yourself, go on a short trip or anything that can help you fight your boredom for doing the same routine.

So, do I like my job? No. I don’t like it. I LOVE IT.  I’ve learned that when you love something, it will love you more in return. And that’s what I’ve been experiencing. 

Over all, I don’t complain about having a job that gives me the freedom to do what I love to do at my convenience. For me, it is something that I am very thankful for, because without it, I couldn’t enjoy other good things in life like solo traveling.

How about you? Are you also a full time English teacher like me? Or a part time? How’s your experience so far? Let me know!


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