Dog Sledding in Arjeplog Lapland - fun winter activity3
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Dog Sledding in Arjeplog Lapland – fun winter activity

Part of our winter expedition in Sweden and Norway in 2020 was to do dog sledding in Arjeplog Lapland. I watched photos and read blogs beforehand about this unique activity in winter, and I was so excited to try it myself. Upon checking online, White Horizon first popped up – a small dog sledding tour owned by Ger and Eng. I sent them an inquiry on Instagram, made an appointment, and off we went. Finally, one of my dreams came true on the last leg of our journey. This is how we did dog sledding in Arjeplog Lapland in Sweden. 

Disclaimer: Not sponsored by whitehorizon. This is my honest review and personal experience of the tour.

Dog Sledding in Arjeplog Lapland quick information

Duration of the activity: 2 hours

Cost/ Price: 1250kr/p / €110 for 2 people

Location: Långviken 13, 938 92 Mellanström, Sweden


How to book: Via Email, Social media or call

Email address:

Social media: Whitehorizon

Telephone number: +4672-2406235

What to expect at Dog Sledding Arjeplog Lapland

Here are a few things to expect at a Dog Sledding at Arjeplog Lapland via White Horizon tour.

  • You will be briefed on what and how to undertake dog sledding before setting off
  • Sitting on the sled could be freezy and cold, so make sure you wear something extremely warm to protect yourself
  • Taking photos or videos are allowed
  • A guide will lead the tour
  • There will be stops in between
  • Snacks and drinks are not part of the two (2) hour tour
  • Payment is available via cash or Paypal. We opted for Paypal for easier transaction
  • It is child-friendly
  • Two persons are allowed in one dog sledding. One as the passenger and the other is the dog sledder
  • Five to six huskies will be sledding you off
  • You can’t choose the huskies. They will be assigned to you depending on your skills and abilities.

Interestingly, the dogs also have their own names, types, body weight and personality. For example,

Birk- Alaskan Husky

Photo grabbed from White Horizon SE

Nickname: Mr. Big
Born: 2018
Sex: Male
Weight: +30kg
Personality: Calm and nice, not easily scared or stressed. Likes to stand up with his front paws on you to get a closer look and maybe even bite your nose. Birk is big and strong with a good mind for pulling you through the snow. 

If you want to get to know more of their Huskies, you can check here.

Dog Sledding in Arjeplog Lapland - fun winter activity2

Our personal experience

Personally, I enjoyed it a lot. There was a brief introduction with the dogs, how to care for them as sled dogs and how to stay safe while sledding. It was also a chance to ask all the questions we had. Since I was small, it would be hard for me to sled. Mind you, the dogs were strong and energetic. Therefore, I was mainly the “passenger” while my husband was the person in charge. For around two (2) hours, he was sledding the dog. There was quite a few stops for drink and for dogs to pee and rest. And then start again. We drove onto the frozen lakes ( it was safe, of course!), through the forest and open spaces and back to the main station. After the tour, we were allowed to cuddle and take photos with the huskies- ooh the best part! ( I was too hook on cuddling that I missed many selfies with them!)

The huskies were so nice and friendly. I took the chance to give them cuddles for the job well done. We also had a quick chat with the owner. He was a nice man and even offered us drinks. Unfortunately, we had to leave after and couldn’t stay longer nor staying overnight.

Other activities at Dog Sledding Arjeplog Lapland

If you’re thinking of other activities at White Horizon besides Dog Sledding, here are a few options that might interest you. For more detailed information, please contact them on their website.

  • Personalised hiking
  • Ice fishing
  • Husky tours for family, full day, 2 hours, shared sled and a week program
  • Snowshoe
  • Snowmobile or fly with helicopter
  • Voluntees from 16 years old are welcome. For more information, read it here.
  • White Horizon also offers bed and breakfast.

Husky puppies in White Horizon, Arjeplog Lapland
Husky puppies in White Horizon, Arjeplog Lapland

Final thoughts

The dog sledding in Arjeplog Lapland was one of the best adventures in our winter expedition. It was fun and it felt like I was in a movie. Of course, thanks to my husband who was very patient and brave and remained cool despite the cold and being first time to sled a dog. He never experienced such a thing, yet he did like a pro. I am so proud of him. Dog sledding is fun and exciting. And, if there would be a chance next time, would surely take it!

How about you? Have you tried dog sledding in Arjeplog Lapland before? Or, do you have any questions I might be able to answer? Let me know in the comments below!

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