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Visita Iglesia in Germany – how I visited 14 churches in Munich

Chris and I are usually away for the Easter holiday somewhere- in Italy or nearby countries. But this time, it was different. He had a sudden business trip to China for nearly a week, allowing me to explore the city and do what most Catholics do on a holy week- Visita Iglesia. Visita Iglesia, or Stations of the Cross – is a 14-step Catholic devotion that commemorates Jesus Christ’s last day on Earth as a man. Here’s how I did Visita Iglesia in Germany and the 14 Catholic churches I visited during Easter in Munich.

The first seven (7) churches I visited during Visita Iglesia in Munich Germany on Maundy Thursday (first day)

Equipped with my knowledge of how to use Google Maps ( thanks to Chris), I carefully checked each Catholic church and its location in Munich. Of course, I started with the Catholic churches near my apartment- which was more straightforward and hassle-free to visit. I began with St. Peter and Paul Church, which was only a walk from my place. The second (2nd) was Kirche St. Gertrud, two stops from U-Bahn ( underground train); the third(3rd) was St. Martin Moosach; the fourth (4th) was St. Martin Kirche; the fifth (5th) was St. Sebastian; the sixth (6th) was ChristKönig, and finally, the seventh (7th) was Bürgersaalkirche– where I attended an English Catholic mass at 16:00 with other two (2) Filipino friends, Eric and Rosario.

The other seven churches I visited during Visita Iglesia in Munich Germany, on Good Friday (second day)

On Good Friday, I visited seven (7) to complete the fourteen (14) Catholic churches in Munich. I met Eric again together with his friend, Joy, who is also a Filipino. Together, we attended the procession that started at St. Michael Catholic church at Karlsplatz and ended at Marienplatz. They decided to join me in visiting the seven (7) remaining churches, so I said, why not?

These are the remaining seven (7) churches. We started at (8th) Heilig Geist Kirche, ninth (9th) was St. Peter’s Church, tenth (10th) was St. Michael’s church, eleventh (11th) was Frauenkirche, twelve (12th) was AsamKirche, thirteenth (13th) was TheathinenKirche. Finally, St. Ludwig was the fourteenth (14) and last one to complete my Visita Iglesia in Munich.

Good to know!

If you live in Munich, you must have noticed plenty of Catholic Churches in nearly every five (5) meters. So, if you plan to visit only seven(7), these Catholic churches are easy to find in Munich city! How amazing!

How to accomplish the Visita Iglesia or Stations of the Cross – if you have no idea how

To be honest, I didn’t know where to start. I was also not sure if there were enough Catholic Churches around me that I could visit. With such outstanding devotion and dedication, I searched online where to find churches. Gladly, I found them! I started pinning them on Google Maps and wrote some notes to remember. It may sound nearly impossible to accomplish, but it will be okay! The first thing to do is go to the first church of your choice, check the station, recite and read the prayers and meditate on them. After that, you can move to the next church and station. The process repeats until you finish your 14 churches and stations.

If you like, you can read the prayer online. This Catholic website has a prayer for each station. It’s all up to you.

Friendly tips

  • Don’t want to be alone? No problem! – If you have no courage to do Visita Iglesia on your own, why not ask people to join you? I posted on the Pinoy sa Munich Facebook group to see if someone was actually interested in doing the same activity. It turned out that there were two! One was a girl who said she could join me, and the other was a guy who actually couldn’t join the entire Visita Iglesia, but I met at the church – Eric, during the English Catholic mass and joined a Mexican dinner with other new Filipino friends.
  • Alone? Don’t fret! – In Germany, it’s very safe. In Munich alone, I never felt unsafe any time of day. I know you can do this even if you’re alone. There is nothing to worry about. Being alone is sometimes better than having a companion with whom you can’t agree. The pace is yours; own it! 
  • Plan your route – It is best that you plan your route and the transportation ahead. I have always saved the Catholic churches in Munich and the best ways to get there to save time and battery while on the road. 
  • Bring water and snacks – Water is very important as you will be hopping from one Catholic church in Munich or wherever you are in Germany. Remember, water is very expensive here! You can also bring snacks if you like, of course! I did make a sandwich before leaving home. There are also cafes where you can take a break. The options for not starving during Visita Iglesia in Germany are endless! 
  • Stuff yourself – Eat before leaving. On the Easter holiday, most restaurants and cafes are closed, or very short time to open.
  • Take your time – if you have dedicated this day to visiting the stations of the cross, then you have no reason to rush. Take it easy. Sit down and meditate, and leave the church whenever you’re ready. 
  • Know the opening and closing schedule of the Catholic Churches – during this holy week, some Catholic churches may be soon to close. Therefore, it is best if you check their schedule so that you can get all of them. Two (2) Catholic churches in Munich were closed during the time I wanted to visit- so I had to go back later.

Personal thoughts

With great determination and my deep faith in this Catholic tradition, I knew I had a great purpose, so I just did! It was indeed physically exhilarating yet gratifying. I felt blessed for many reasons for accomplishing the Visita Iglesia in Germany. It was a personal achievement I couldn’t be more proud of. And oh, in case you want, I had nearly 40,000 steps in two (2) days! Also, thanks to the two (2) new Filipino friends, Joy and Eric, who joined me on the second day. With them, alone time was less, and it became more fun. We had a great time, too! Because, you know, Filipino chats! You know what I mean!

If you also plan on doing the same activity at Easter in the next year, I hope you have a wonderful time. And remember, “Through him, you believe in God, who raised him from the dead and glorified him, and so your faith and hope are in God.” 1 Peter 1:21 

Visita Iglesia in Germany - how I visited 14 churches in Munich-
Mark 11:24″ I tell you, you can pray for anything, and if you believe that you’ve received it, it will be yours”

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