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Twenty-four reasons to love living in Germany

When I was about to enter the airport for check in to my flight to Germany on November 2, 2019, my mother, almost the same height as me, gave me a massive bear hug. The most robust embrace she’d ever given me, and with tears almost streaming down her cheeks, she said,” I hope Germany will treat you well, and you’ll have many reasons to love living there.” I told her I would be alright and call her once I was settled down. Precisely two years today, I am celebrating my anniversary.because it’s been twenty-four months that I’ve been staying in the land of excellent beers and delicious pretzels. Here are my twenty-four reasons to love living in Germany.

Here are my twenty-four reasons to love living in Germany

One week later, still having my jetlag, Mom had the recycled questions making sure I loved my life (here); she asked me, ” How’s it for you there?“. Besides the gloomy and cold weather, so far, so good. Later, when I started a job and met new acquaintances, I also got the same question, “how or what do you like about living in Germany? These aren’t mainly in order, and some are significant and minor elements, but they contribute to twenty-four reasons why I love living in Germany.


1. Nature:  Look no further, hands down to Germany’s incredible nature. Big or small. Germans, in general, are known to be fond of nature or, simply put, nature lovers. Stunning landscapes, countless paths for long or short hikes are pretty much everywhere. As a result, nature in Germany attracts millions of tourists each year. Indeed, it’s one of my favorite pastimes, because especially living outside the center, nature walks are tremendously inviting for me.

Mountains in Germany

Safety and security

2. Safety and security: Yes, If safety is your main concern, Germany won’t let you down. It is a very safe country for living as well as for traveling alone by international standard. Moreover, Germany ranks 22nd among the 162 countries. In addition, police are trustworthy and reliable. 

Bicycle and child friendly

3. Bicycle friendly – One of the best reasons I love living in Germany is bicycle-friendly roads. Unlike most European and Asian countries that I’ve been to, or the Philippines, my government, Germany by far, has full designated bike lanes, either pavement or highways, and they’re visible. In addition, vehicle drivers are also polite to bike riders. 

4. Excellent public healthcare system – Germany has a perfect public healthcare system. The majority of people, even international students, are required to have health insurance. Furthermore, the German health system is very generous, not leaving you to worry in case of unforeseen circumstances. And the best part? Regardless of your status, you’ll get the same treatment of medical care. How incredible!

5. Remarkable government support for mothers and children: Simply one of the reasons why many parents choose to raise a family in Germany. Their reason to love living in Germany is that the support for mothers and children is incredible. According to some Filipino women on the Filipino group on Facebook that I’ve spoken to, Germany has a safety net for mothers that they couldn’t find anywhere.


6. Culture and tradition: Did you say Oktoberfest? You bet! Come to Germany and find out what this is ( if you haven’t heard of it). Oktoberfest is the largest public festival globally, attracting more than 6million tourists a year and held in Munich city (proudly my city!) It is also one of the most renowned cultures in Bavaria state and entire Germany. Unfortunately, this year, due to the corona situation, Oktoberfest had not been celebrated. I so missed the chance to wear a Dirndl, a traditional costume for women on this special day. 

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 Quality education

7. Quality education – Did you know that Germany is one of the countries with one of the best educations globally? German universities are above global, more excellent, and have higher standards. Moreover, children above six years old must go to school, which means no child is left behind. And it’s good to know that the estate runs most schools, and there’s no charge for children and families while having the best education. 

Diverse culture

8. Diverse culture – Oh yes. Germany is such a diverse country. In Munich alone, there are lots of international people. Moreso, Germany has a long history of immigration. So it is highly impossible not to make any new acquaintances from around the globe. I’ve once had a meet-up with international people, hearing stories from vastly different backgrounds, and it was fun!

Outdoor photo

Waste management and recycling

9. Waste management and recycling: Germans take recycling very seriously, and that is very evident in every trash bin in every apartment or house. Also, Germans have a place called “. Werstoffhof” or a recycle station where you throw your specific item to the designated bin such as electronics, paper, clothes, batteries, etc. Moreover, when you buy a coca-cola, you get a “pfand” or a refund once you return the bottle. And do you know? Germany is Europe’s leader in recycling. 

Efficient system

10. Efficient system– when I say efficient method, I mean to express many aspects. For example, you have to pack the stuff you bought in your shopping bag in the supermarket as the cashiers don’t do that. Germans don’t have a “bagger” or someone who bags your groceries for you; unlike the Philippines, this system I found highly efficient. Though in the beginning, it was quite a culture shock for me. 

11. Pollution-free – A colleague in school once told me that ever since she moved to Germany, she never caught a cold and a runny nose due to the pollution. She also said that the air was so fresh and clean that she frequently took pleasure in taking a walk. And I can absolutely attest to that. 

12. Excellent public transportation – One of the top things I found and love living in Germany is excellent public transportation. Going to the city or anywhere is reachable by a public bus, underground train, or tram. The ticketing system is also simple yet functional. We can buy it by using our phone or by a machine. And actually, there’s not a trained staff to check your ticket if it’s valid or not before we even enter the public transportation, but want to be a monkey, don’t we? Because the consequence is we get fined, which costs around €60, mercilessly!

Who’s not fond of pretty towns and villages? And the way to get to neighboring countries without so much hassle?

Magnificient architectures

13. Magnificient architectures – Germany has a long and rich architectural history. That’s pretty evident in its world-class castles, including the Neuschwanstein castle, an excellent inspiration for Disney’s Cinderella castle. Moreover, Berlin, the capital city of Germany, is a treasure sphere for architecture lovers. Actually, anywhere you go, you’ll find fascinating and incredible architecture in Germany. This is why I never miss this one out to consider my twenty-four reasons to love living in Germany.

Siegestor Landmark, Munich, Germany

German villages

14. Pretty towns, villages and castles– More than fantastic, hip, and crowded German cities, Germany is overflowing with pretty picturesque cities that seemed straight out of a storybook. One of them I liked so much was Eltville, 1.5 hours away from the big city of Frankfurt. I was so delighted to visit the town while my husband and I looked for a place to sleep overnight. And voila, it didn’t disappoint! And don’t forget the vibrant cities like Munich.

Burg Eltz Castle

Easy Travel access to other neighboring countries

15. Easy Travel access to other neighboring countries – My husband drove us to the north of Italy during my first weeks in Germany. He said he wanted me to be familiar and see a new perspective and fresh culture about some European countries. A few hours later, we arrived without any border control. Germany is in the heart of Europe, making it easier and accessible to its neighboring countries. It has also become our habit to visit several neighboring countries without high restrictions, except when the pandemic hit the world.


In Germany, jobs are plenty, and working system is incredible.

I’ve met around four (4) people, and they told me that it wasn’t that difficult to get a job in Germany provided that you speak the language. And that’s true. In Germany, the chances are high for getting hired even for foreigners because the truth is, there are plenty of jobs available. But make sure you can speak the language, aren’t very picky, have your valid residence or working permit, and your lucky stars will be aligned for you in landing a job.

Healthy Environment

Why did I include a healthy environment? Well, many things constitute a healthy environment and the reasons why I love living in Germany. These include clean air, child-friendly roads and highways, public parks, and pristine, swimmable lakes; generally, living in Germany provides a very healthy physically and mentally environment. I also love the part that foods are affordable for all people.

Working system

unpaid overtime is not very common in as the labor Union Germany is relatively strong in protecting workers or laborers. On top of that, employees are mandatory to have a 29 days vacation annually.  Hence, my husband and I take advantage of this framework to travel to neighboring countries and fully enjoy the right and privileges.

German holidays and Sundays

One of the ultimate reasons to love living in Germany is holidays and Sundays.

19. Sundays and holidays aren’t taken for granted – If there is one thing to love and admire about Germans, they never take Sundays and holidays for granted. As Sundays are the rest day dictated by German law, Germans spend the time for nature, family, and other recreational activities. Moreover, expect most establishments such as shopping malls, supermarkets, and many others are close. It also means that it’s essential not to overlook what ingredients you need for cooking on Sundays and holidays when living in Germany! And quite interestingly, since Sundays are quiet days, a few housework that may create a loud noise, such as vacuum, lawn, might be frowned upon.

Privacy at its finest-

20. Privacy at its finest- In Germany, expect the highest level of privacy in terms of many regards. Not because people don’t care so much about you, but they respect your privacy. My neighbors and all other neighbors in the community I know commit to a non-disturbing policy for one another. Humans (here) are susceptible to not being a prick to someone’s life. 

People are disciplined

21. People are disciplined – Germans are one of the people on earth I’ve met who are incredibly disciplined, polite, and well-mannered. And their fantastic character is contagious. Really. They conduct themselves well in so many, many ways. They’re also not known as rule-breakers. I’m pretty amazed by this quality that I boast about them to people I’ve talked to, or like my family, for example. So, therefore, it’s also part of my twenty-four reasons to love living in Germany. Well, not all of them, tho!

Magical Christmas markets is one of the twenty-four reasons to love living in

Christmas market in Munich, Germany

22. No speed limit Autobahn – If you have ever driven to an autobahn (highway) in Germany, you’d probably be surprised that some of them have no speed limit. Well, it’s true. The first time I’ve been on Autobahn, my heart almost dropped because cars were speedy. I couldn’t believe my eyes and the experience. And even though we often drive through Autobahn, I still get some extra heart pumping. So this might be for you should you love to go high speed. The good thing is, most Germans know how to drive well and carefully. So no worries.

23. Four seasons – I never thought I’d fall in love with the four seasons in Germany. I grew up in a tropical country and never deny that I love the generosity of summer every day. But with four seasons, there are varieties of exciting activities to do and the fun vibe each season offers, like the war of vibrant colors in autumn and the icy snow and mountains blanketed with snow in winter. So ultimately, four seasons is always something to look forward to. 

Flowers, leaves and winter

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24. Christmas markets- Well, I thought I’d include this because it’s almost Christmas. Like the ones in Munich, the Christmas market in Germany is such a feast not only in the eyes but also in the stomach.

In a nutshell

In a nutshell, despite some cons I’ve figured and experienced while living in Germany, I love my life here. And I’m eternally grateful for my family, Kaiser, who never gets tired of looking after me. Well, I could trade these twenty-four reasons for a daily tropical paradise, kidding aside!

How about you? Let me know your thoughts!

Born, raised, and forever loyal to the Philippines. Catherine is a teacher and a BA in Mass Communication graduate who loves anything child-friendly. She loves writing in her diary every day and is in love with beaches, books, Safari, and Tokyo. Her ultimate dream destinations are Madagascar, Mongolia, and Hawaii. Check out her van camping adventures in Europe at

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