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Welcome to the escapesanddiaries travel and lifestyle blog. I’m originally from the Philippines and now living in Munich, Germany. In this blog, you’ll find all my writings about love and life relationships, travels and adventures, and helpful information about moving and living in Germany,

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I love going on trips around the world, discovering places, camping, relaxing in nature, eating my favorite Asian foods, drinking freshly made tea, cooking, baking, reading, and writing helpful information about Germany. And, of course, never forget to write it down here on my escapesanddiaries travel and lifestyle blog.

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A letter to my Father in Heaven. Dear Papa, it's been years

A letter to my Father in heaven

I’m always enthusiastic about narrating how you bought me a Barbie doll to buy at a local market behind our small home space. And my unforgettable vacation with you in Manila. The good old days. You were such a great loving father.

Looking back, it feels. 

Filipino spouse visa to Germany- your complete guide to FRV

Spouse visa to Germany- how to get it as a Filipino

When I applied for my Filipino spouse to Germany in 2019, the process, I think as of this writing (2022), is relatively the same. However, some things have changed due to the pandemic. Nevertheless, I will walk you through everything I know, experience, read and research. 

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Travel and Adventure

Sri Lanka travel itinerary | Your 25-day trip guide

Sri Lanka Travel Guide

If you’re planning a long trip around Sri Lanka and have no idea where to start, I’d like to share this Sri Lanka travel itinerary with a detailed guide based on the 25-day trip that my husband and I did. 

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20 Photos inside Safari, South Africa

20 Photos inside Safari, South Africa

We’ve recently made one of our dreams come true: traveling to African continents and seeing the wild inside the Safari of South Africa. And I couldn’t be more bewildered by how magnificent the wild animals are. Here are my top 20 photos inside Safari

Be amazed by the wild

Philippines Escapes and Diaries

Sunrise at San Juan beach Locsin Residence

Renting an apartment in San Juan, La Union, Philippines

On my three months vacation in the Philippines, I came to San Juan to travel with my friends and learn to swim. Little did I know, I was also renting an apartment room at Locsin’s residence in San Juan, La Union, aka Elyu. It was an unexpected event, yet, one of the best decisions I’ve made. 

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Coming back to the Philippines

Coming back home to the Philippines after 2.7 years

Living abroad means experiencing a different lifestyle and experiencing the best of both worlds. I told my friends how I view things now that I live in a first-world country, the school I work at, and the people I’m surrounded with. Factors like these made me see from a different point of view. 

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Your Quick Guide To Visiting Cebu, Philippines

Your quick guide in visiting Cebu, Philippines

Cebu is a province comprising islands and islets in the Central Visayas region in the Philippines. If you’re planning to explore this amazing place and have no idea what to do or where to go, here are some spots and activities you might want to consider.

Let’s go

Germany Diaries

Germany Diaries

24 reasons to love living in Germany

I’ve got plenty of amiable traits of Germany that eventually grew on me and endlessly boasting about, that honestly, I never thought I would. But, like, really, who would have thought? And here are twenty-four of them. 

Show me the 24 reasons.

Moving to Germany- a roller coaster ride

Moving to Germany- a roller coaster ride

When moving to a new country, there is an unspoken contract of difficulties, sadness, and happiness. This is my story before moving to my second home, Germany.

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