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Summer photos in Greece – Photo Gallery

In 2020, we spent our six-weeks summer van camping in Greece. We traveled from the north to the South. With that being said, we’ve collected tons of photos, and because it’s summer, everything seemed so bright and fun. Here are fifteen (15) of summer photos that might help you decide to push that trip to Greece, if you haven’t yet!

Quick information

Greece is a country in Southeast Europe.

The currency is Euro.

Like the Philippines, my country, Greece is made up of thousand islands.

80% of Greece is made up of the mountains.

The capital of Greece is named after the goddess Athena

Summer photos in Greece

A not so busy beach in our camping Armenistis on Chalkidiki island.

While collecting these summer photos in Greece, I realised how beautiful Greece is! And now I no wonder why it’s one of the best visited places in the world!

Meteora at sunset, Greece
What’s more beautiful than a golden hour at Meteora- such a magical place that I rode a bike up here just to witness its magic.

Kathisma beach Lefkada
A peaceful morning at Kathisma beach, Lefkada. Came here early to solo the beach for a while. And it worked. Later, tourists and locals flocked to this incredible beach.

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Acropolis of Athens
There’s no visit in Greece without Acropolis in Athens. Came up here not knowing this place was closed to the public. We left immediately after a staff informed us!

Have you been to Greece? Which city, town, or island is your most favourite? I guess, mine is Kathisma beach and Delphi. If there would be a chance, I’d love to go back there again and again.

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