Autumn hike at Eibsee
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20 beautiful photos of Autumn – photo gallery

I’ve been fond of the Autumn season since I moved to Germany. The explosion of colors is like a feast in my eye. And since I grew up in a tropical country, seeing the changing colors in the fall season brings me joy. Hence, when Autumn comes, I document them by taking pictures. Here are twenty (20) beautiful photos of Autumn I took- and some were from my husband’s.

20 beautiful photos of Autumn

Autumn in Germany is in September, October and November. There are many things I love to do this season. Bake cinnamon, make pumpkin soup, create my own Autumn tea, and take endless photos and videos of spectacular colors of leaves, among many others!

Pumpkins in Autumn comes in all sizes, shapes and colors!

Things to do in Munich in Autumn like a local- me picking pumpkin at the pumpkin field

Yep. My neighborhood has a pumpkin field where you can cut it yourself. You can pay by cash or PayPal. How cool!

In Autumn, the rapeseed grows. Rapeseed also known as oilseed rape, is a bright-yellow flowering member of the family Brassicaceae. And they can be seen in many parts of Germany. This one’s nearby my house. Of course, I had to have my husband photograph me!

Rapeseed flower

Here’s another beautiful photo of rapeseed flower.

Fields in autumn

A glowing field dancing with the colors of Autumn.

Mountains with snow

This is one of my favorite of my 20 beautiful autumn photos. I took this photo when we were hiking at Königsee in 2022. The image is just perfect. Snow on top of the mountain, the lake, and the dried grass fit perfectly in one frame.

Autumn leaf- 20 beautiful photos of Autumn

Just playing around like a kid. This, for me, is a perfect autumn leaf on a beautiful day.

Grape farm- 20 beautiful photos of Autumn

A long stretch of grape farm on a pretty autumn day.

Sheeps - 20 beautiful photos of Autumn

We just parked our camping van, hopped for a short hike to browse the surroundings, and passed these lovely sheep munching on grass.

Autumn shoes on a dried corn field - 20 beautiful photos of Autumn

I came across a field where all the corn had been harvested, so the leftovers were already dry and moist.

Me in the woods in Eibsee hike in Autumn- 20 beautiful photos of Autumn

Walking in the woods is one thing I always look forward to, and in autumn, leaves are more radiant, especially when the sun shines through. How magical early autumn mornings are!

bench chair at Eibsee

An empty bench with dramatic hues in the background.

Autumn is nostalgic

“There is something incredibly nostalgic and significant about the annual cascade of autumn leaves.” 

― Joe L. Wheeler

Autumn leaves3

Maple leaves are one of the most prominent symbols of Autumn. They are spectacular in shapes and colors, and they’re hard to miss. This is why I collect and photograph nearly all kinds of leaves of Maple in Autumn in every way possible.

My shoes photo on Autumn leaves2

Autumn would only be complete with me taking a snap of my shoes on the fallen autumn leaves. Ah, I can’t get over this!

Yellow colored Maple  leaves

It’s fascinating how green leaves turn to yellow leaves. These Maple trees gracefully welcomed Autumn and became so pretty with whole yellow-colored leaves!

Pomegrenate or persimmon- 20 beautiful photos of Autumn

I’m really not sure if it’s a persimmon or a kind of pomegranate. This is in my neighbor’s.

Green and dark orange chairs

Post card ready

Things to do in Munich in Autumn like a local- Autumn leaves

It’s a beautiful day to watch some colors of autumn leaves at the lake.

View of the town from a cable car

View of the town from a cable car. The view can’t get more panoramic than this!

Frozen autumn leaves

In the last days of Autumn, it gets cold and froze in the morning. Since I love taking morning walks, I take my camera with me and take some photos along.

So, that’s all about my 20 beautiful photos of Autumn. Which one do you like the best? Let me know in the comment below! Thanks for watching the photos!

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