Japan tourist visa from Germany-here's how to apply

Japan tourist visa from Germany-here’s How to apply

Japan has been one of the countries I’ve always wanted to visit one day. Learning about the country was one of the topics we used to talk about when I was teaching English online. And so that day came when Chris and I decided to visit the land of the rising sun. Understandably, as a Filipino passport holder, I need a visa. And so I did. Lucky to have been granted one! Here’s how I got a Japan tourist visa from Germany.

Japan tourist visa requirements from Germany

Here are the requirements for applying for a tourist visa to Japan. Below is a short description of each item.

  • passport (original + copy)
  • application form – You can download it here. If you need a guide on how to fill out the form correctly. Check here
  • recent passport photo x 1 *(not older than 6 months)
  • copy of German residence permit
  • financial proof (most recent bank account statement or salary slip)
  • schedule 
  • flight reservation (Germany – Japan – Germany incl. all stopovers)
  • hotel reservation (when staying with family or friends: invitation letter +copy of Japanese Residence Card)
  • Korea Visa 


  • Copy of Certificate of Employment (COE)

How to prepare for the requirements

Passport – it goes without saying your passport must be valid six (6) months before your travel and must have free blank pages for the tourist visa to stick on. 

Application form – write clearly and honestly. Write in block letters or print. Sign it. 

Recent passport photo x 1 *(not older than six months)– you can take a biometric photo at the booths in Underground trains or DMs. 

Copy of German residence permit – only copy. There is no need to give the original- unless asked. 

Financial proof (most recent bank account statement or salary slip) – I only gave a statement downloaded from my bank. It doesn’t have to be the Bank statements of the funder for the past few months, which clearly show the name, dates, FULL transaction amounts, and the final balance.

Schedule – I wrote per stay, not per day. For example, December 2-9, Tokyo area. Shopping at Shinjuku, Check-in at the hotel, afternoon tea at Mandarin hotel, etc. 

Flight reservation (Germany – Japan – Germany incl. all stopovers) – I printed out all the reservations of flights from and to Munich- Japan and South Korea. And the booked hotels. 

Tips: Book the hotels with the latest cancellation, so if something comes up or you change your mind, you can still cancel and change it. 

Hotel reservation (when staying with family or friends: invitation letter + copy of Japanese Residence Card) – if you have one in Japan. Otherwise, you can skip these. I didn’t provide any of these. 

South Korea Visa – I printed a copy of my South Korean visa in case they needed it, as I’ll be exiting from South Korea. 

Additionally, I also sent copies of my COE- Certificate of Employment. It wasn’t actually officially requested; I provided it in case they needed to see it. They returned to me anyway. 

Timeline of my Japan tourist visa application in Munich, Germany

October 18, 2023– I emailed the Japan consulate requesting an appointment.

The next day, October 19, 2023– I received a reply from them.

October 25, 2023 – my appointment is at 09:30 am. I arrived thirty (30) minutes before. 

November 03, 2023– I got my passport back with a Japan tourist visa! Hooray! I got only a forty (40) days single entry visa.

A total of seventeen (17) days to get a Japan tourist visa at the Japanese embassy in Munich.

Japan tourist visa application process in Japan Embassy, Munich, Germany

Before submitting my application form and the requirements at the Japanese embassy, I first had to send them an email requesting an appointment. Making an appointment was necessary.

I included three (3) possible dates- as per instruction. They selected one when they replied.

On my appointment day,

I arrived thirty (33) minutes before. I had to wait before it turned 9 a.m. officially to let me enter. Even though I was thirty minutes (30) earlier than my schedule, it was acceptable.

In the embassy

My bag and coat had to be scanned. The staff gave me a form to fill out and a number to be called. I was number 2. When my number was called, I gave the lady staff my documents; she quickly browsed them and asked me to sit and wait for her call.

Ten (10) minutes later, she gave me a form with a number and a schedule to pick up my passport. And I was done!

In total, it was only twenty (20) minutes of procedure for my Japan tourist visa application at the Japanese embassy in Munich.

On the pick-up day

Of course, I arrived early again! It was the same procedure as I entered the embassy as before. And I was number 2 again, this time! It didn’t take long before they called my number. I returned the form and had my passport back, with a Japan tourist visa! Hooray!

I was out of the embassy in less than ten (10) minutes! How efficient!

Japanese embassy in Munich address

Japanisches Generalkonsulat München
Friedenstr. 6
81671 München
Tel.: 089-417 604 0

  • You will pass by the construction area and see the sign.
  • It’s on the fourth floor of the building.

Friendly tips and reminders

  • Arrive on or before your appointment. The Japanese are always on time.
  • Prepare and double-check your documents before submitting them. Incomplete documents may not be entertained.
  • Submit and provide only the documents that are asked for. 
  • There is no interview for getting a Japan tourist visa- so don’t fret. 
  • Apply only for a single entry visa. The embassy will grant you multiple if you deserve it.
  • If you can’t pick up your passport back on the day you’re asked to, call and inform and make a new appointment. 

Personal thoughts

It’s like a dream come true to get a Japan tourist visa finally. Having a weak passport means I can’t just easily visit a country like Japan, Korea, or South Africa, for example. I am privileged to live in Germany, which has given me a big chance to acquire a tourist visa to places I love to visit, without so much hassle, as long as I provide complete documents and enough funds. But I always believe if you have a good intention to visit a country like Japan, you’ll be granted a tourist visa. So yeah, I am happy to have one! Also grateful for the kindness and efficiency of the staff at the Japanese embassy in Munich!

Have you applied, or are you planning to apply for a tourist visa in Japan? How was it? Let me know in the comments below!


Born, raised, and forever loyal to the Philippines. Catherine is a teacher and a BA in Mass Communication graduate who loves anything child-friendly. She loves writing in her diary every day and is in love with beaches, books, Safari, and Tokyo. Her ultimate dream destinations are Madagascar, Mongolia, and Hawaii. Check out her van camping adventures in Europe at vancampingguide.com.

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