Getting my visit visa for an unmarried couple – to Germany

Visit visa for unmarried couples-how I got mine during the pandemic

Getting my visit visa for unmarried couples to Germany from the Philippines was quite different since the pandemic began. It was more challenging and a lot had changed compared to the normal days before. Getting one, let alone applying for it was not a walk in the park. Nevertheless, I’ve tried to visit my Filipino beau who lives in Stuttgart, Germany, applies for a visit visa for an unmarried couple, in which I’ve succeeded. So, if you’re also planning to get or happy for one, during this pandemic, let me show you how.

How I got my visit visa for unmarried couples- a step by step guide

First off, it’s important to determine which type of visa you are applying for. As this is a visa for unmarried couples, I’ll be talking and will walk you through it directly. You can also check here for further clarification.

Visit visa for unmarried couples. Who can apply for this?

Unmarried couples are no longer required to have lived together or met in Germany; however, they still need to have met in person even once (in any country). So, for example, my boyfriend and I have been together for a long time now, but take note that he’s a Filipino.

It’s relatively easy to know about the requirements for visit visas for unmarried couples. The only and most important thing I did was to gather them all and prepare carefully. Here are the important requirements. Make sure not to miss any of these as each is vital to the application.


What are the requirements for visit visa for unmarried couples

  1. Here are the requirements you need for your visit visa for unmarried couples from the Philippines to Germany
  2. * Original passport and photocopy –
  • Must be valid for another three months after the conclusion of
    travel and must have two empty pages. Photocopies of all
    visas and immigration stamps for the last 5 years.
  • Two (2) current biometric passport pictures
  • Visa application form – you can download this form on the website. Must be completely filled out and signed by applicant
    ( this is you)
  • Proof of the relationship of the sponsor, (e.g. birth- / marriage certificates, whichsubstantiate the kinship-

Written correspondence, telephone connections, and other
evidence of the relationship between applicant and sponsor

  • If no formal obligation is submitted: An informal invitation letter by the host –

letter indicate host’s exact address of residence, the purpose
of travel and the full duration of travel and stay

  • Details regarding the means of travel forthe outward – and return journey – details regarding the airline, no flight reservation is needed
  • Visa fee €80 (php 4530)
  • Statement of account(s) of the previous six months with bank confirmation
  • or
  • Formal Obligation
  • Travel Health Insurance
  • If employed: Proof of employment (ITR, COE, Approved Leave of Absence)
  • If self-employed: proof of registration and the commercial activity of the company (ITR, Bank certificates, company accounts, etc.)

You can also download the checklist here.


You can already see the appointment at VFS online appointment, you can choose at your most available and the only possible dates. At the same time, you will pay the amount fee once the appointment was chosen. Don’t worry, you will be directed on how to do so. Just follow the instructions.

Timeline for my visit visa for unmarried couples

It was a bit easier for me because I was prepared for all the documents needed beforehand. However, this is also something that I think you must get done. It’s very important to arrange everything to make sure you’re not missing out on any documents.

In total, It took three (3) working weeks (Saturday and Sunday not included) for my visit visa for unmarried couples to Germany to get approved. On the other hand, I’ve heard some applicants who had received theirs in only 3-5 days. Well, you must be lucky if you got yours earlier than expected.

March 22, 2021

I submitted my visit visa application alongside all the requirements to VFS Global Makati.

  • After I submitted my application to VFS, they informed me that the embassy will call and advised that I should wait and always make myself available because the German  embassy will not tell you the time and day they will call. So  just make sure that the number you put in the application is always available. This is because if they call and you miss it they will not call you back again and it may be the reason for your visa denial. So take not of this.

March 23, 2021

I received a call from the German embassy.

  • It was the interviewer/embassy officer and asked me a few questions regarding my visit visa for unmarried couples application.

April 16, 2021,

my visit visa was granted.

May 2, 2021 

My flight to Germany| May 3 arrived in Germany

June 27, 2021

Flight back to the Philippines | June 28 – arrived in the Philippines

May 2, 2021 

My flight to Germany| May 3 arrived in Germany

June 27, 2021

flight back to the Philippines

June 28, 2021

Arrived in the Philippines. And I had to quarantine for ten (10) days


During the processing time, I only received one call which was the interview on the phone that I was expecting. I guess it’s because I’ve submitted all the necessary, proper, and complete documents which led to the smooth processing of my visit visa application.

My visit visa was valid for sixty (60) days.

Getting my visit visa for unmarried couples – to Germany
My flight to Germany via Turkish airlines. Almost no one on the plane.

Your Guide to Germany- for Filipinos

Here are some more useful and informative write up posts about going to Germany.

Interview questions for the visit visa for unmarried couples on the phone

The questions are all about yourself, personal information starting with your full name, address, age, civil status and if you have kids, your relationship with the person you are visiting in Germany, how long have you been together, why are you going to Germany – your employment, who will finance your stay, where will you go, the purpose of the visit.

Everything at least about yourself, status and personal information as well as the person you are visiting Germany.

Furthermore, make sure there are no discrepancies with your application to what you are saying in the interview. In other words, what you have written during your application must be true to what you’re going to say or answer the questions to the interview. It is important because this will reflect everything and also as not to confuse or make the officer suspicious of your application. Most importantly, answer briefly and honestly.

The interviewer is a Filipino.

Soon, my visit visa was delivered to me by a service courier, which I paid alongside the VFS service.

My over all experience regarding the visit visa for unmarried couples application

Overall, I must say that it was a smooth experience from applying for my visa to VFS Global despite the pandemic.  I did not encounter any problems because I followed and submitted all requirements for the visit visa for Germany. First, you have to go through VFS and make an appointment online. Soon, you will get an appointment time, and place to submit your application. Your documents will be submitted there in person ( that is you), and they will be the ones to forward to the German embassy. They will also tell you if your docs are all complete or you still lack some.

Moreover, the CFO was not a requirement if your beau is a Filipino.

Tips, advice and important things to remember

On this trip to Germany during the pandemic, there are a few things to consider, and I believe that the pandemic, as I’ve mentioned above, has changed many things in terms of application, departure, and arrival.

Hence, it is always better to be prepared. And here are my tips and advice for a smooth visit visa for unmarried couples application at VFS Global, Makati.

If this trip to Germany is sponsored – which means your beau is solely the one sponsoring your trip, the majority of requirements will be coming from him, including an FO or Formal Obligations. Expect to get and present everything in order.

What are these?

  • His bank account / statement certified by his bank – at least the past 6 months
  • An informal letter of invitation (sent by him) stating that he is going to be in charge for the whole duration of your stay in Germany.

In my case, my beau also provided his bank statement. I only printed it out. But my trip to Germany was solely financed by me as I’ve said, this is not under sponsored category. Therefore, the FO was not necessary for me.

On top of that, ensure to coordinate with your partner in Germany because mostly everything will be coming from him. However, you also need his signature. In my case, my beau was here when I was filling up my application. I am not sure of the requirements if your partner is a German citizen but most likely the same. The only difference is you need a CFO to present in the immigration upon departure. But others will not require you depending on the immigration officer, but to be sure, get one. You can also ask and confirm with the CFO office.

On the day of the departure – at the Philippines airport

*A negative PCR test was needed.

Finally, make sure to bring all your requirements on the day of your departure.

For example, all the requirements you’ve submitted to the VFS global during your visit visa application.

At the Philippines’ immigration, the immigration officer is very strict. And this might lead you to feel nervous, but it’s alright. I know it’s just part of your journey. The most important is, you’ve got all your requirements, passport, among many other things. Moreover, be ready to answer why you are going out of the country given our situation or during the pandemic. Be straightforward and confident when answering as an immigration officer. Not to mention that they can be intimidating.

As I’ve bordered my flight via Turkish airlines, it was expectedly and surprisingly that the seating capacity was not fully booked unlike before. Well, it was also perfectly fine for me.

Going back to the Philippines

The arrival to the country is much more complicated than it could ever have been.

Going back to the Philippines required a quarantine. The quarantine rules will depend on whether you came from green, red, or yellow country. It’s best to check the status of the arrival to the Philippines. Thus, I booked via a travel agency. It’s all in one, this means that the swab test, pick up at the airport, foods, and everything were already included for a total cost of Php40,000. I haven’t been vaccinated, so I was required one for 10 days. You can check the Philippines immigration for more information should you have been already vaccinated.

During the waiting time, I was only at the hotel. Finally, after 10 days, I was able to get back home to my family.

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FAQs regarding the visit visa for unmarried couple- answered

I am answering these questions based on my experience, and Catherine, from some, are from the people I’ve talked to.

I haven’t met my boyfriend in person; how high is my chance of having my visit visa granted?

  • The embassy or VFS require meeting with your beau at least once, it’s also stated on their website. Though I cannot really say that your visit visa might be approved or not. Sometimes, when your stars are alligned, you’d get one. But who knows? Just try your luck. Or better yet, email the embassy for any concerns. No one can really tell about this fate.

Do I really need to buy the travel insurance even if my visa isn’t approved yet?

  • The answer is sharp YES. It is a waste of time, yes, when the visit or any visa was not approved. On the other hand, when it was, then it’s amazing, right. Regardless of any outcomes, you need to purchase a travel insurance covering a COVID-19 which is already a requirement, in case, as this is strictly one of the requirements.

Is there a face-to-face interview at the VFS?

  • No. Because of pandemic. Unlike at the German embassy in Makati before, (like when I applied for my spouse visa) the interviews will be held on the phone ,hence so it’s very important to make sure that the phone number you wrote on the application is working so that you could take the call soon. Also, remember that if you’ve missed several calls from the officer, it will be considered denial. Moreover, the only thing that the VFS will do is they wull check all the documents you’ve submitted to make sure you’re not missing any, and will inform you if you need some further or additional documents.

I am missing a few documents; would that be okay?

  • Absolutely not. Remember, the VFS doesn’t accommodate any incomplete documents. They’re extremely strict about this.

Other common questions regarding visit visa for unmarried couples

Do I need a CFO even if my boyfriend is a Filipino?

  • As far as I know, the CFO is required for those permanently leaving the country. I didn’t get one. But to be sure, call the CFO office. Or you can also check here.

What are the types of travel insurance I need?

  • Note that the VFS only allows some certain accredited travel health insurance upon the visit visa application. Here’s the full list.
    Can I just walk in to VFS if I can’t make an appointment online?
  • Sorry to say but NO. The rule now since the pandemic has had rapid changed, and in order to let alone entering the building, you must have a confirmed appointment.

What are the odds of getting a visit visa granted?

  • We cannot really say. I, for example had my sponsored tourist visa declined back in 2018, for a reason they said that I wasn’t going back home. But others I heard that despite not able to prove a strong family rootedness had luck. Who knows? No one can really tell. However, to lift your hopes up, if you have kids, which is actually a high chance of getting your visit visa approved. Or, say a property that you own such as a business, a house or land property.

Personal note

All words are from my dear friend Mhaven who recently visited her Filipino beau in Germany. First, I want to thank her for allowing me to bug her for all these helpful tips, advice, and everything about her visit visa for an unmarried couple to Germany. For without her kindness and patience, I wouldn’t be able to write these all down.

If you find this post helpful, please feel free t share it with any of your friends or someone you know who might be needing it. Much appreciated!

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