Pad thai dinner at Rabiang Thai - (review)
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Pad Thai dinner at Rabiang Thai Munich- (review)

Before we set off to Oktoberfest, my Finnish friend Kirsi and I had dinner first. I ordered Pad Thai while she ordered Red Curry Chicken with rice (Gai Prik Khing). It was a lovely dinner. The restaurant had nice outdoor seating where we sat, while the indoor seating had an elegant ambiance. Having lived in Bangkok for a year and returned to Thailand plenty of times for holidays, I am a big fan of Pad Thai. Therefore, I am constantly hunting for the best Pad thais in town. Here’s my review of my Pad Thai dinner at Rabiang Thai Munich restaurant.

Rabiang Thai Munich restaurant quick information

Address: Georgenschwaigstr. 25 80807 Milbersthofen – Schwabing, München, Germany

Telephone number: 089 – 3507304

Mode of payment: Cash & Card

Tips: Yes

Toilet: Yes

Delivery: Yes- from €30 above

Reservation: Yes / No

Opening hours:

Saturday: 17:00-23:00

Sunday: 12–3 pm, 5–10 pm

Monday: Closed

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 11:30 am–14:30 pm, 17:30–22:30 

Pad Thai and other foods for dinner at Rabiang Thai Munich

I can’t judge the foods I didn’t order—only the pad thai. And personally, I didn’t enjoy it. Having eaten pad thai nearly every day in Thailand, I am familiar with the taste and texture. The pad Thai I had for dinner at Pad Thai Rabiang Thai Munich was tasty. However, the noodles that I wasn’t satisfied. They used a different, very thin and sticky type of noodle- whereas the noodle I am used to is thicker and flat. That is probably why I was pretty disappointed with the Pad Thai. It was also quite expensive. It’s the most expensive pad Thai I have ever had in my life. Haha.

Meanwhile, Kirsi’s food looked delicious, and she was satisfied and full. It was also a big serving. Rabiang Thai restaurant was also generous. They served warm tea as a welcome drink and complimentary fruits for dessert.

The drink menu had also some variety. I ordered Coke Zero- because I quickly get a tummy ache sometimes when eating out. And drinking Coke Zero somehow eases it.

Overall, the Pad Thai and other foods served to the customers as I watched it were elegantly presented. I couldn’t complain about that part.

The Ambiance, staff and price

Rabiang Thai restaurant has quaint ambiance. The outdoor seating is a place to enjoy in the warm season, while the indoor is a perfect place even for lunch, business or regular dinner with friends or loved ones. The staff are attentive, nice and polite. It made the dining more comfortable. You have to wait to be seated. It is best to make a reservation. For the Pad Thai price – €24.90, Gai Prik Khing-€21.90, Coke Zero-€4.20, Distilled water- €3.20. For tips, you can be generous and give 10% of it. It’s all up to you. It is common to give tips in Munich.

Personal thoughts

Rabiang Thai restaurant is a bit far from the central city, but if you’re local like me, you won’t mind coming here for some excellent food. Although I was disappointed by my Pad Thai dinner at Rabiang Thai restaurant in Munich, I would give it a chance and try their specialty next time.

Thanks for reading! Have you been to Rabiang Thai restaurant in Munich, and had a Pad Thai, or other delicious Thai foods? How was your experience? Let me know in the comments below!

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