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Day trip to Mount Fuji from Tokyo – a tour via Klook

Because of the two-day delay of our flight to Tokyo due to the severe snow in Munich, we had to cancel our three-day stay near the Mount Fuji area. Therefore, we decided to take a day trip instead. Seeing Mount Fuji was an unforgettable experience, and I was so happy to have seen it in person finally, in the distance. We booked the day trip to Mount Fuji from Tokyo tour via Klook. Here’s how it went.

Day trip to Mount Fuji from Tokyo quick information

Price: € 59.95/Php 3,687.84 /US$ 65.35

Duration: 9 hours

Time of pick up: 07:30

Time of leaving the area back to the city: 16:00

It was Chris’ idea to book a tour to see Mount Fuji. Upon checking online, we found that Klook offered the best options for us. We read the agreements and conditions and it fitted us. Therefore, without any doubt, we booked it. Booking the Mount Fuji day tour was pretty straightforward. We got a confirmation and all the information in an email afterward.

How the tour went

As stated, we met at the station at precisely 730am. We arrived earlier than that to be safe. The tour guide soon came. His name is Josh. He spoke English and Chinese. We also looked out for the bus, but it was there when we arrived. As we boarded the bus, some guests arrived a little later, so we waited. We picked up a few customers at other stations and then went off.

While on the way, Josh told us about the day tour to Mount Fuji. All the information we needed to know, like pick up, how many hours to spend in one spot, and short stories among many others.

Our first stop was at the rest area to make a quick toilet business and buy snacks and drinks. It was a two (2) hour ride to the Mount Fuji area.

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Arriving in Mount Fuji

Before setting off, the tour guide reminded us again about the time we strictly had to follow. The main stop was the main road leading to Mount Fuji’s perfect view. As it is used for passing vehicles, we’re not allowed to take a photo in the middle; instead, we’re allowed to take a photo on the side. There was also security to stop anyone from destroying the traffic.

The Chureito Pagoda – the second stop

As expected, tourists flocked to this spot to compete for the best photo. The Chureito Pagoda (忠霊塔, Chūreitō)is a five-storied pagoda on the mountainside overlooking Fujiyoshida City and Mount Fuji off in the distance. Yes, many people taking one without someone at their side or background was so tricky. We spent two (2) hours here, including the four hundred steps (800) to get to the top and down. 

There were small shops for snacks and stamps before climbing up to the top. 

Understandably, we were not the only tourists admiring Mount Fuji- together with the Pagoda it remarkable. Nevertheless, we took some lovely, decent photos. 

Snack time at Oshino Hakkai – the second stop

Food, of course, was part of our itinerary. Oshino Hakkai was our second stop. Oshino Hakkai is famous for its beautiful natural environment, and in this area is a Japanese variety of street foods and souvenir shops, take photos, grab water from the spring water, and admire the ponds. After 1.5 hours, we went to our third stop.

Five Lakes – the third stop

The five lakes were a special ingredient of this day trip to Mount Fuji from Tokyo that Klook should have included. In this area was the Mount Fuji view with the stunning lakes. There were also shops to buy snacks and souvenirs here. Another one (1) hour was given to us to spend here. Enough to look around and admire Mount Fuji from the distance.

The famous Lawson – the fourth and final stop

It has become very famous – the tour guide said. An influencer came here and took a photo that apparently went viral, which became part of the trip. He was talking about the Lawson with the Mount Fuji background. That’s why it was included in this day trip to Mount Fuji. We spent only an hour here, too. We strolled around, bought snacks at Lawson, and finally headed home.

What to expect at the day tour to Mount Fuji from Tokyo

  • Participants must arrive early 
  • Food and drinks are not included
  • Time is strict and scarce. There’s a limit in every spot we visited
  • English and Chinese are the languages spoken 
  • Family and child-friendly

Day trip to Mount Fuji from Tokyo via Klook worth it?

Yes. Because of this day trip tour, we didn’t need to worry about transportation back to Tokyo. Everything was already planned for us- which was a good thing. Staying in Japan for three (3) weeks meant we had a lot on our travel itineraries, and choosing a day tour was at least more relaxed for us. Moreover, we had extra time to spend in Tokyo. You can also try to squeeze in a day tour to Mount Fuji in Tokyo.

Personal thoughts

Had we not been stuck in Munich for two (2) days, we could have stayed in the Mount Fuji area as initially planned. We could have explored the area at our own pace, not rushed to every spot, and competed for the best views of Mount Fuji. Visiting Mount Fuji in Japan could have been more enjoyable and more relaxed. Nevertheless, the day trip tour to Mount Fuji from Tokyo was fantastic and memorable. Ultimately, seeing Mount Fuji would only complete our trip to Japan.

How about you? How did you visit Mount Fuji? Or do you have any questions that I might answer about this day trip to Mount Fuji from Tokyo? Ask me in the comments below!

Disclaimer: I’m a Klook Affiliate. You may book via my link without any cost to you.

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