My life in Bangkok- short but sweet
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My life in Bangkok – short but sweet

My desire to get away from the stressful and uncomfortable situation in Manila led me to the decision to move to Bangkok. Then I found my life in Bangkok, something unexpected, yet exciting, calm and stress-free. 

My life in Bangkok in the first month

As I write this, a storm is battering Bangkok, and I’m snuggling under my sheets and basking in the warmth of my bed. Suddenly, I realized that I would soon be leaving the place I call my second home. Time flew fast. Fast enough to bring my life to order.

Moving to a new city abroad was a challenging decision to make. The journey’s beginning was full of uncertainties, but it was exciting.

In April 2017, I went through a life crisis wherein I learned a lot of lessons and the worst things in my life. I chose to move forward, so when my boyfriend helped me book a flight to Bangkok, I knew instantly that it was my chance to do what I had to do.

Within my first two weeks in Thailand, Chris and I met and traveled to Koh Chang Island and Chiang Mai. Our trip was planned, and to be fair, I warned him about how I was when traveling—moody, demanding, and grumpy like a granny. 

Surprisingly, everything went smoothly and fun, contrary to what I expected. I always thought that traveling with a companion meant compromise all the time.

Our trip was a golden ticket to getting to know each other spontaneously and profoundly. We were a new couple back then, and the trip indeed made us closer to each other. I’m going to tell you more about that in my following writing. When he flew back to Munich, we said hello to a long-distance relationship. I continued living my life. Things weren’t easy at first. Hardships didn’t leave me. 

Managing a guesthouse as a manager

Luckily, a good friend recommended me to take over a job as a manager at Siam Journey guesthouse in Bangkok. Without hesitation, I took it right away. But my anxiety got the better of me. I was worried because visas for Filipinos would last for only two months. Extending my visa would be another option, such as getting a student visa, or leaving the country and then being back again. 

My life in Bangkok is chill and easy. Every day, I met new people, shared stories, and made friends with them. Plus, we had a set of volunteers from across the world, and everyone was a family member.

The home where I live is situated in a local community where sumptuous local cuisine can be found. Also, Bangkok is dotted with numerous 7-Eleven stores. You can find them on every corner. Everything seems to be accessible. Transportation is highly efficient.

Moreover, I have gotten used to the friendliness of Thais, particularly the guesthouse owners who sometimes came by to drink beer with me and any guests hanging around. The Thai cleaning lady – Panny (as we call her) has zero English, but she’s the sweetest and kindest, and I love her so much. Most of our conversations are filled with hand gestures and body language. Despite the language barrier, she’s so thoughtful and hugs and kisses me whenever she comes by. 

Loving my life in Bangkok every bits and pieces of it

I absolutely enjoy my life in Bangkok. In fact, I didn’t experience culture shock. I think it’s because I am also Asian. And I don’t feel any different from the rest. Being a local is also one of the things I just got used to, as I’ve been always mistaken as one. Thus, I take advantage of it. Haha.

As regards my day-to-day expenses, I’m always on a tight budget. I’m grateful that I don’t have to pay rent and utilities. Bills are a pain in the ass. Being stingy, I go to the supermarket to cook food at home and save a few bucks from not eating out. Although in this area, foods are pocket-friendly, homemade, and genuinely delicious like no other. I love the use of a variety of spices. It makes my mouth water now just by thinking about it. 

On weekends, I stay in my room and chat with Chris all day long. I don’t care even if others laugh at me for not having a nightlife. I’m like an Oma, you know. But I am also very comfortable staying in my air-conditioned room. Couch potato- that’s been my title so far. 

My life in Bangkok- short but sweet2

My life in Bangkok isn’t perfect, but I love it.

My life in Bangkok isn’t perfect, short but sweet. But I love it. It has given me more time to write, something I’ve always loved to do. It has taken away the monotony of sitting in front of the computer for 8-10 hours straight, seven days a week. That old life isolated me from the world. 

Looking back, I had never been this content in my life. I’m glad I decided to move to a new place, letting me leave my comfort zone. Now, I’m able to ponder upon my next steps toward the future. Sometimes, the stage of maturity is wild and intense. I also couldn’t be more grateful for having Chris in all aspects of my life.

Indeed, the first few blocks of the journey require hard work. We have to go through tough times to achieve great success later on.

The truth is, we don’t have to worry about anything. We have to follow our heart’s desires, and do what we love to do, and everything will follow.

There’s nothing wrong with moving from one place to another. Changing our environment is sometimes uncertain, but the heavens will shower you with what your heart desires. Release the stress—live worry-free. Think positive.

And remember, when you believe in something great, something great will happen. As of this writing, I’m counting toward hopping to a new city, Hanoi. Where I’ll be volunteering as a home teacher! Oh, what a new, exciting journey awaits! 

But hey, wait! I’ll be back in November in Bangkok! HAHA

Born, raised, and forever loyal to the Philippines. Catherine is a teacher and a BA in Mass Communication graduate who loves anything child-friendly. She loves writing in her diary every day and is in love with beaches, books, Safari, and Tokyo. Her ultimate dream destinations are Madagascar, Mongolia, and Hawaii. Check out her van camping adventures in Europe at


  • Part of that World

    nice article about Bangkok. SE is a perfect getaway for backpackers not only it’s cheap but also you have a lot of things to do.

  • Air Flight Cheap Tickets

    Interesting story to read. Bangkok is a lovely place to visit or be for sometime and few months away from Chris I’m sure didn’t hurt that much!!

  • Ann Yamagishi

    The affirmation that everything will turn out right is evident, continue being positive no matter what! Love the adventure in Bangkok!

  • Neha Verma

    It was a very interesting read. it’s another thing visiting a place for a few days , exploring around and then returning home. And it is totally different to call a place home for months before you say bye. And it takes a lot of courage also. I admire you for that

  • Johna P.

    Been reading so much about Thailand lately! Are there direct flights from Manila going there? Planning to go some time next year, I hope! 😛

  • Vyjay Rao

    Thailand is a nice country and the people are very warm and friendly. No wonder you are comfortable in Bangkok. Of course if you are the restless traveler type, your feet would be itching to move to a new destination. All the best and I am sure destiny has some great things planned for you.

  • Swati Sinha

    It is with bitter sweet memory you leave a place behind. Know all about it, as a child, I kept moving every 3 years with my parents. I am glad you enjoyed Bangkok and made memories. Hanoi will treat you equally well !

  • Swayam

    I have read a few stories about you and Chris travelling together in a train and visiting elephant parks etc. Are you a Thai, I had always wondered after reading your posts. Now it becomes very clear that you are a Filipino. How did you land up this job in Thailand? Can you share your story? And do they need Thai speakers for this kind of a job?

  • Catherine Mendoza

    @ Swayam – yes I’m a Filipino and thanks for following our adventure! Chris is the ultimate travel partner for me! And no, you don’t need to speak Thai to get this job! The owners are young Thais who become my friends and luckily, they needed someone to help them run the guesthouse so I applied! You should also try! At least at some guesthouses or hostels if you’re really interested in it!

  • Sofia

    Well put. Us travellers know these feelings all too well…from long distance to having to make hard decisions! All the best 🙂

  • Marge Gavan

    Things went well and I am so happy for you. Indeed, a whole new world opens up when you leave your comfort zone. I have already proven that time and again. Now if only I could that do when it comes to dating hahaha…

    Too bad I wasn’t able to visit you in Bangkok while you were there, it would have been amazing. But anyways, goodluck on your next journey. I hope you’d be as happy in Hanoi as you were in Bangkok.

  • Catherine Mendoza

    @ Marge – thanks so much my dear friend! hahaha you can do it! Ikaw pa ba diba! Next time, we travel again together! Anywhere in the world we like with our traveler friends, too! See you!

  • FlyDriveExplore

    Interesting story, takes a lot to move somewhere new. We are always happy going somewhere different and exploring. However we do get bored quite quickly and are always looking for the next adventure.

  • Catherine Mendoza

    @ FlyDriveExplorer – I agree! Sometimes we just need courage to move and we’re good to go! Oh, I sometimes feel the same way but I have to settle first! Good luck on your next adventures always!

  • Bella WWanderlust

    I fully understand you, as I am living a long distance relationship for more than three years now. It’s been hard, painfully, but so beautiful all at the same time. And I agree with you, getting out of our comfort zone leads to maturity and other great things that wouldn’t happen otherwise.

  • Catherine Mendoza

    @ Bella – Oh, we’re in the same boat! Long distance is really hard but as they always say, sometimes, things are worth waiting for! Keep holding on! Thanks! Once you step out of your comfort zone, that’s when a new life begins!

  • Kirstie Marie Saldo

    I am suddenly interested to know more about this “customary friendliness of Thais”. You seem to be in awe and to think Filipinos are already known to be very friendly! That means they are superbly friendly! It makes me want to visit Thailand. I know that there’s good and cheap food there, and rich culture, but I don’t know much about the people.

  • Catherine Mendoza

    @ Kirstie – Yes! Very much! Filipinos are greatly nice but Thais are genuinely very polite people so I’m truly left in awe! Please do! Thailand is amazing! Foods are delicious and abundant! Just be careful with spices tho because they make it extra for you! haha You’ll love Thailand as much as I do! xxxx

  • Aleah |

    I had lived in Bangkok for 4 months, too, to be with someone. It was great, Thailand was very welcoming. Like you, I didn’t suffer any culture shock. While I’m just nomadic now, I know that If I have to live outside the PH again, Thailand would be a top contender. Good luck with the LDR, girl. Isn’t easy, but for some, it’s worth it.

  • Catherine Mendoza

    @ Aleah- Indeed! Bangkok is our neighbor so we can actually fly anytime we want! Nomad life is sometimes challenging too! Hopping from one place to the other! As for ldr, if he’s the right one then ldr is worth it!

  • Indrani

    I am glad things are going well with. This kind of relationship comes with its own quota of anxiety but I guess it makes the bond stronger.
    Have faith and move on.

  • Sherianne Higgins (SherianneKa

    Thanks for sharing this journey — I needed the reminder there’s no need to worry, it does all fall into place!

  • Paige Brown

    It’s amazing that change in location can awaken so many feelings and thought. I’m glad that your relationship with Chris has been strengthened. I know that long distance can be really hard. My now husband and I were long distance for the first 6 months of our relationship. It can be hard, but it’s so worth it if he’s the right one.

  • Catherine Mendoza

    @ Paige – Thanks, girl! Chris is amazing and I couldn’t be more thankful having to have him in my life! He’s heaven sent! And yea! changing a location can change things! Amazing it is!

  • Kate-Frankie Brennan

    Yes, I remember long distance and it can suck! Its painful and a worry at times. It looks like you’ve found a second home in Bangkok. It must have been hard and daunting at first but you did it. Next stop, Hanoi! I hope it goes really well for you

  • Catherine Mendoza

    @ Kate – Thanks! Truly is! Long distance does suck sometimes! Yes! I love Bangkok so much! The people, foods and everything! Thank you! I really hope so! Moving from one place to another is something to look forward to!

  • Medha Verma

    I know how hard it is to relocate, its not an easy decision and it always helps to have someone with you, so I am glad Chris as there to support you in that move. I am glad to see that you’re loving living in Bangkok, I agree, Thai people can very friendly, and there are perks of being mistaken as a local 😉

  • Danila Caputo

    Moving is never an easy decision to make but it looks like it turned out all right for you! And I think that when you travel with the right person for you, it’s always more fun: it absolutely shouldn’t be compromise all the time!

  • Michelle

    I also believe that Bangkok is a very city to live in, given the accessibility of transportation and most amenities. Glad that you had such a great experience! So nice that Chris supported you all the way!

  • Danik

    Fantastic read and love reading about your experience. Looks like every thing has falling into place for you. I havent been to Thailand yet but the local Thais who live in London are very friendly and I hope its the same over there.

  • Nisha

    It was a very interesting read. I love slow travel so could visualize it. The relationships are a different game altogether. At times, you want to be with your loved ones, and sometimes don’t. Glad it’s working out for you and Chris is in your life. And it takes a lot of courage also.
    Managing a guesthouse would have been an experience in itself. Would like to know more on it. 🙂

  • Anu

    My hunch is it takes about 4-6 weeks to start feeling at home in any place and about 2 years to totally fall in love with it. Good to see that you have transitioned so well in Bangkok. May you enjoy the city.

  • Divyakshi Gupta

    A lovely, candid account of how you embraced Bangkok through the crisis and spent such quality time with Chris getting to know each other. Love the timelapse video of the night in Bangkok. Loved reading through your instagram captions as well. So good to hear about the local communities and efficient transportation. And the cherry on the cake was about the kindness of the Thais and esp the conversations with your maid! This post filled me with positivity! Wishing you good luck in your shift! 🙂

  • Cat Lin

    2 months is a good length of time to get to know a country. I wish I have that kind of freedom at this age! I’ve been to Bangkok once and loved the people and culture there. Can’t wait to go back myself!

  • Mei

    The most important thing in life is to do what you love! Because life is short, so why waste it on living a lifestyle you don’t like, right?! I’m really glad for you that your life now in Thailand is better! Keep exploring and inspiring us with your awesome posts and photos! 😉

  • Archana Singh

    Bangkok is such a cosmopolitan city that it grows on you with time. Glad to know that your two months went well. And, you have someone by your side. It’s always a great feeling to have someone with you in a new place.

  • Amar singh

    Living in Bangkok fir 2 months is a dream come true. I have visited this city several times and as you have experienced it’s just amazing. The food the people the weath. I have not experienced the monsoon and as you said would be heavy so best to be fucked up in bed. Apart from this can’t see any flaws in this city. Thanks fir sharing your experience.

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