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Brunch at Cafe Reitschule Munich – (review)

Last weekday, Chris and I had brunch at Cafe Reitschule Munich. We liked this cafe, and we’ve been here before. The first time we were here, we had no reservations. Therefore, we were only offered the terrace seating, which was pretty cold. This time, with a secured booking, indoor seating was available. The place is cozy, has delicious food, and is near our home. Reservation was needed, as it gets fully booked soon. Here’s my review of our brunch at Cafe Reitschule Munich.

Cafe Reitschule Munich quick information

Cafe Reitschule has been running since 1927. It’s nearly 100 years of history. A lot of renovations had already been undertaken. In 2010, a grand restoration brought a more expansive terrace, and a modern interior was restored, making the house look so much more elegant. In 2017, new pieces of furniture and fresh colors were created to make the room more inviting and appealing. Today, Cafe Reitschule has been famous and visited by all types of guests for its mouth-watering foods and cozy vibe.

Opening hours :

Saturday 9:00 am – 0 pm

Sun and Holidays : 9:00 am – 19:00

Telephone number : +49 – 89 – 38 88 76 0

Fax: +49 – 89 – 38 88 76 14

Address: Königinstrasse 34, D-80802 München

Mode of Payment: Cash & Card

Wifi: Yes

Toilet : Yes

Child friendly: Yes

The Ambiance at Cafe Reitschule during brunch

Cafe Reitschule offers a pleasant and relaxing vibe. It is a welcoming place to gather with your loved ones, friends, or family and enjoy good food. We waited until a staff accommodated us and gave us a table. Every seating is comfortable. You can watch the horses and training and riding next to it. This is actually what this cafe is all about. While adults lounge and enjoy their food and conversations with friends or loved ones, children can have the luxury of admiring the horses. It is best to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine in the summertime. In contrast, it is warmer and more elegant inside.

Food and drinks at Cafe Reitschule

When you go for brunch at Cafe Reitschule Munich, they will still offer you the breakfast men They gladly provided. I ordered an Asian bowl with edamame, udon noodles perfectly filled with delicious sauce (€15.50), a crepe (3 pieces)(€7.50), freshly pressed orange juice (€5.10), and a cup of cappuccino (€3.90). The cappuccino is a small serving. At the same time, Chris ordered a Brezen (€2), freshly squeezed grapefruit juice (€5.10), a Ceasar salad (€14.50) with extra herbs falafel (€5.50) and a black coffee (€3.70). And Coke Zero (€3.80).

The food was freshly cooked and warm, an excellent portion for one. The menu is very diverse, and being an Asian, I always crave Asian foods. I am glad they offer delicious foods that satisfy my palate, like the Asian bowl. 

The service and menu

We had to wait to be seated. The staff were quite busy during these peak hours. Finally, a lady led us to our table and handed us the menu. Since it was past 11 am already, we asked for the lunch menu. The lady staff was kind and accommodating. It took less time for our food to come.

Personal thoughts

This was our second time. Cafe Reitschule is one of my favourite cafes in Munich. I especially like the atmosphere. The interior design is gorgeous. It is also nearby our home. And it’s accessible to all public transportation in Munich. I would like to keep coming back here. Make a reservation if you want to dine in.

Thanks for reading!

Have you been to Reitschule Munich? How was your experience? Let me know in the comments below!

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