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Sunset drink at M’Uniqo Rooftop Bar (review)

We celebrated our friend Lana’s birthday by grabbing a sunset drink at M’Uniqo Rooftop Bar. The rooftop bar was our first choice since it was near our workplace. We met at the lobby, and then took the elevator to the rooftop bar. It was a lovely and welcoming place. We needed to wait until a staff accommodated us. It didn’t take long, though. The staff were kind and accommodating. The drinks were fancy and refreshing. If you plan to visit and grab a sunset drink the M’Uniqo Rooftop Bar at Andaz Hotel, here’s my short review.

M’Uniqo Rooftop Bar quick information

Address: M’Uniqo Rooftop Bar, Leopoldstrasse 170, 80804, Munich, Germany. It’s on top of Andaz Hotel.

Website: M’Uniqo Rooftop Bar

Telephone number: 089 9042194460

Food and drinks menu: qrco.de

Methods of payment: Cash and card

Wifi: Yes

Opening hours:

  • Tuesday 18:00 Hrs – Midnight
  • Wednesday 18:00 Hrs – Midnight
  • Thursday 18:00 Hrs – 00:59 Hrs
  • Friday 18:00 Hrs – 00:59 Hrs
  • Saturday 18:00 Hrs – 00:59 Hrs

The Ambiance

M’Uniqo Rooftop Bar’s cozy ambiance was too inviting too resist. The ambiance was superb and welcoming. There were not many guests yet when we came. It was about 10 past 6 pm. The staff said that guests usually come in for the sunset, and that’s around 19:30. We were quite early, but it was an advantage for us as we got nice comfortable seating. We could also take lovely pictures.

The place is perfect for grabbing a sunset drink, small snacks, lunch, gathering with friends, romantic dinners, celebrations, al-fresco dining, and private gatherings.

M'Uniqo Rooftop Bar_Bar area.jpg
M'Uniqo Rooftop Bar_Ambiance

The snacks and drinks at M’Uniqo Rooftop Bar

There are a variety of drinks that M’Uniqo Rooftop Bar offers. From long to short, to beers, and even non-alcoholic ones. Luckily for me, they offer one of my favorite drinks which is NonPromilla – €12.50. It is based on fresh berries. It is refreshing, I loved it! For my friends, Lana ordered Green Fizz for €12.50, Marukh had Spresso Martini, for €13 and Sonja had two (2) glasses of Air Rose for €11 per glass. And we shared two (2) small bowls of french fries for €7 each.

For one person, expect that you will spend around €20 minimum- with snacks.

The view

The view from M’Uniqo Rooftop Bar was terrific! Although it’s located only on the 12th floor of the building, you can see the entire city and its surroundings. When you go one floor up, it’s an open area with couches and a bar, but it was closed then. Upstairs is also a smoking area. But expect that it gets windy and cold up here. Wear something warm if you fancy to stay.

M'Uniqo Rooftop Bar_Sunset view
This was taken from the main top of the bar

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Personal thoughts

Finally, we could visit this bar that’s been waving to us for a long time. Having a sunset drink at M’Uniqo Rooftop Bar was a great idea. I personally love exploring rooftop bars whenever I am in my city or abroad. One of my best ones is the Lotte rooftop bar in Hanoi. I have a thirst for searching for the best ones, and so far, the M’Uniqo Rooftop bar was the best for me in the Munich area. And what I liked best was, that the staff were cool when we asked for a non-alcoholic drink. He gladly recommended us. We loved the M’Uniqo Rooftop bar, and it won’t be the last time we visit it. And indeed, next time, we’ll try their dessert, as one of my colleagues said, it’s a must!

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Have you been to M’Uniqo Rooftop Bar? How was your experience? Let me know in the comments!

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