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Star Plaza KTV Room Dagupan – mum’s 70th birthday venue

On my mum’s 70th birthday, we celebrated it at KTV Room Star Plaza Dagupan. It took a lot of work. We also looked for other ways to celebrate it intimately while keeping the traditional Filipino way. For example, should we do it at home or at other hotels? It was an endless negotiation with my siblings. Eventually, we chose KTV Room Star Plaza Dagupan. Star Plaza has been in the industry since 1995. Therefore, my sister Amber went to the hotel, and made a reservation. We booked the KTV Room K for 25 people, Php 6,500- consumable. And my mother’s 70th birthday turned out successful and so much fun!

Star Plaza KTV Room Dagupan contact details and location

If you want to reach out to KTV Room Star Plaza Dagupan, check out their contact details below:

Address:   A.B Fernandez Avenue, Pangasinan, Dagupan City, Philippines

Mobile:   +63 915 906 5004 / +63 915 906 5004

Trunkline: +63 75 523 4888

How to get to the Star Plaza KTV Room

Here’s a simple way to reach Star Plaza Dagupan

  1. Take a jeepney to Dagupan downtown and just say to the driver, Star Plaza. Or take a tricycle to bring you to Star Plaza Dagupan. Everybody knows where Star Plaza is. You won’t get lost.

Star Plaza KTV Room Dagupan Rates

Depending on your preference, there are different types of KTV room designs, prices, and people allowed at Star Plaza. See the table below.

KTV TypePrice Number of people allowed
KTV C, D, E, FPhp 3,500up to 10 pax
KTV M, N,Php 4,500up to 12 pax
KTV A, HPhp 5,000up to 15 pax
KTV KPhp 6,500up to 25 pax
KTV JPhp 8,500up to 32 pax

Star Plaza KTV Room Dagupan Menu

There are three types of menus at Star Plaza KTV room offer; Chinese, Filipino and International. The table below shows the Filipino foods. For the Chinese and International, you can see it here.

FoodsPrice Size
Singing na MalagaPhp 420One size
Singing na BangusPhp 420One size
Singing na BaboyPhp 450One size
Singing na TunaPhp 540One size
Singing na Pink Salmon HeadPhp 450One size
Singing na PompanoPhp 720One size
Halo halo guisadoPhp 375, Php 625, Php 935S, M, L
Special ChopsueyPhp 360, Php 615, Php 920S, M, L
Pinakbet Php 335M
Korean beefPhp 420, Php 715, Php 1070S, M, L
Beef Kare KarePhp 420M
Kalderetang KambingPhp 500M
Crispy PataPhp 840M
Lengua Pastel with mushroom saucePhp 1080M
Lumpiang Shanghai ( 7 pcs)Php 395M
Lechon Kawaii with Papaya Prickles ( Atsara)Php 410M
Sizling Pork sisigPhp 455M
Buttered chickenPhp 420, Php 715, Php 1080S, M, L
Chiokoy chickenPhp 420, Php 715, Php 1080S, M, L
Chicken lollipopPhp 385One size
Spicy chicken wingsPhp 385One size
Sisig BangusPhp 480M
Steamed bangus with soy saucePhp 420M
Sizzling daing na bangusPhp 420M
Spicy squidPhp 540, Php 910, Php 1320S, M, L
CalamaresPhp 540, Php 910, Php 1320S, M, L
Nilasing na hiponseasonal
Canton Guisado, Special Bihon Guisado, Miki Bihon GuisadoPhp 300, Php 505, Php 755S, M, L
LomiPhp 275M
PalabokPhp 220, Php 340, Php 660Solo, double, family
Fresh calamansi juicePhp 90
Fresh lemonade juicePhp 145
Fresh orange juicePhp 215
Strawberry juicePhp 240
Mango juicePhp 215
Ripe mango shakePhp 215
Green mango shakePhp195
Mango banana shakePhp 215
Buko shakePhp 120
Buko lychee shakePhp 180
Buko pandan shakePhp 155
Avocado shakeseasonal
Strawberry shakePhp 240
Cantaloupe shakePhp 140
Watermelon shakePhp 155
Banana shakePhp 115
Pineapple shakePhp 130
Mango cucumber shakePhp 215
Four seasons shakePhp 225
OTHERS (in can)
Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Royal Thru Orange, Mug rootbeerPhp 75
SMB light, Pilsen, Apple, lemonPhp 85
SMB premiumPhp 95
Red horse in can, SMB Cerveza Negra, SMB Super dryPhp 90

What to expect at Star Plaza KTV Room

Here are the things to expect at Star Plaza KtV Room

  • Servings are smaller for its price. For example, the lumpia Shanghai was only seven (7) pieces for Php395. We were 26 people in total, so that’s nearly Php 1,185.00 for three (3) orders and 21 pieces only.
  • Only cakes are allowed for bring-in foods. Others have corkage fee.
  • You can only stay for the hours you paid for. Extension costs Php 500 per hour.
  • The large serving of foods are not really that large. You need more than 2 or 3 orders if you are a big group.
  • Bookings need a 50% downpayment. The other half can be paid on the main day.
  • Seniors get a discount. So, if you have a senior, don’t forget to show their id for a 10% discount.
  • It is easier to book if you call, or go to Star Plaza Hotel directly. Emailing them may take forever to get a respond.
  • The price amount is consumable. You don’t need to spend it all, or you can also exceed it. Just pay the rest.
  • You can stay at the hotel. Just book online or at the reception. For the hotel room prices, you can check or book it here.

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Personal note

KTV room Star Plaza Dagupan was a lovely place to celebrate a special occasion like my mother’s 70th birthday. As Filipinos who love Karaokes, the venue was such a good choice. Not only did our family sing and dance together, but we also had a great time. The KTV room was indeed a perfect place to bring people together. It was nice, wide and clean. The staff were also lovely and friendly. It was also easy to book. Even though some foods were relatively small servings and not very satisfying, it was still a great time. For example, the nachos were dry, the few French fries and the pancit were slightly salty. It was still a success, to say. Thanks to our dearest family, relatives, and closest friends who came to join our mother’s glorious 70th birthday.

My mumi at 70th birthday

This is just my personal thoughts and review. Our experience and yours may be different. Let me know in the comments below!

Born, raised, and forever loyal to the Philippines. Catherine is a teacher and a BA in Mass Communication graduate who loves anything child-friendly. She loves writing in her diary every day and is in love with beaches, books, Safari, and Tokyo. Her ultimate dream destinations are Madagascar, Mongolia, and Hawaii. Check out her van camping adventures in Europe at

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