Cake and Coffee at Niu Asian Café Munich
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Cake and Coffee at Niu Asian Cafe Munich – (review)

It’s hype; I can say, when I see it on social media posts- Niu Asia Cafe serves glittered and rainbow-colored cakes and coffees. And it got me intrigued. So, I visited it with my Japanese friends. As I’m constantly hunting for chic cafes in my city, this one should be on my list. It didn’t fail me. I actually liked it. And so, here’s my review of cake and coffee at Niu Asian Cafe in Munich, Germany.

Cake and Coffee at Niu Asian Cafe Munich quick information

Address: Niu Asian Café München, Oberanger, Munich

Mode of payment: Cash & Card

Reservation: No

Opening hours:

Tuesday12–8 pm
Thursday12–8 pm
Friday12–8 pm
Saturday12–8 pm
Sunday1–6:30 pm
Monday12–8 pm

Toilet: Yes

Menu: Coffees, Cakes, Non-caffeine

Budget per person: €5 above

The vibe

It’s an Instagram-worthy place. It is aesthetically pleasing and fun to lounge at. Niu Asian Cafe indeed captures the heart of women. Yes, like most women like me, I am attracted to this place. It’s beautifully colored and styled in pink and green. Of course, men would enjoy it here, too, not only the place but also the cakes and coffees. Indoor seating feels more stylish than outside seating. Also, it is best to sit inside in the cold season.

You have to take a table and say your table number once you order, and they will bring your order to you. There’s no reservation needed, so in case it becomes full, you need to wait. Card payment is available from 10 euro above. You may opt to give tips; it’s up to you.

Cake and Coffee at Niu Asian Cafe Munich

I ordered a rainbow latte- no caffeine, and it was tasty. The creaminess and sweetness were perfect, even though it wasn’t as warm as I wanted. The Japanese strawberry shortcake that I ate also had an excellent taste, not too sweet and not too bland. I liked it that way. It was soft, like melting in my mouth. For me, the taste of cake and coffee at Niu Asian Cafe was ideal- as I am not into too sugary foods. My friends’ orders were also delicious- I got small bites from theirs. They had a strawberry crepe cake and the famous rainbow cake. It is noteworthy that the cake and coffee at Niu Asian Cafe are colorful- like a feast in the eye.

Personal thoughts

The coffee and cake took around ten (10) minutes to arrive at Niu Asian cafe. I liked the place and the food, even though they were pricey. It’s also lovely to share it with friends and try different cakes, and other vibrant appealing drinks. I would go back again next time and hopefully get an indoor seating!

Thanks for reading! ✨

Have you had cake and coffee at Niu Asian Cafe Munich? How was your experience? Let me know in the comment below!

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