Sushi all you can eat at Fujikaiten
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Sushi all you can at Fujikaiten – (review)

I’ve always been passing by this restaurant whenever I’m around the area. So, one day, I asked my friend Sonja if she would like to join me to try this sushi all-you-can-eat at Fujikaiten, Münchner Freiheit. She said, sure! And so, one day, without any reservation made, after my music class at an International school, Sonja and I went. And here’s what it’s like.

Sushi all you can at Fujikaiten quick information

Address: Münchner Freiheit, Münchener Freiheit 4, 80802 München, Germany

Telephone number: 089 38666768

Reservation: Yes /no


Payment options: Cash and card

Toilet: Yes

Wifi: Yes


  • All You Can Eat Mittags/Lunch – Monday- Saturday – €15,90 
  • All You Can Eat Mittags / Lunch – Sunday + Holidays (So.+Ferien) – €19,90 
  • All You Can Eat Every Night (täglich abends) – €27,90

For online delivery, you can check here.

Opening hours:

Mo:11:30–23:00 Uhr
Di:11:30–23:00 Uhr
Mi:11:30–23:00 Uhr
Do:11:30–23:00 Uhr
Fr:11:30–23:00 Uhr
Sa:11:30–23:00 Uhr
So:11:30–23:00 Uhr

The food and drinks at Sushi at Fujikaiten

As it is a sushi shop, you can eat all the types of sushis you like. You can also have a choice to pick whatever you desire. It’s your choice. There are lots of different sushis you can choose from. For example, Sushi with fresh salmon, octopus, vegetables, Californian Maki, Tamago, Saba, Tako, Sake, Hamachi, Maguro, and many more. Miso soup, fried noodles, fried chicken, seasoned seaweed and vegetables, and sweets! Indeed, all the foods here at Sushi all you can at Fujikaiten are mouthwatering. Other foods that you can also order besides the Sushi include salads, bowls, Tatar, and Summer rolls. 

For vegetarians, you can have a lot of options.

Regarding drinks, I had lychee juice for €3.50, while Sonja had sparkling water.

Here are more of the food and drinks menu


The ambiance at Sushi All You Can at Fujikaiten was calm, peaceful, and quiet. It’s a very nice place. You can sit right next to the running sushi. It’s a perfect place for solo or group eaters. Fujikaiten has two (2) floors, but the running sushi is on the first floor. The toilet is on the second floor. The location is also accessible. It’s just next to Münchner Freiheit station.

Personal thoughts

It was a satisfying lunch; that’s all I could say. We could not stop eating as the sushis kept coming and running by. It was a great idea that we came here and tried the food. The sushi was fresh, the vegetables were tasty, and it was a relaxed ambiance. There was no limit to when we could stay. But we lasted around two (2) hours. By that time, we were almost 200% full. We came in hungry and came out extra full. Surely, we will go back again!

Me, Sonja and 2 other people we dont know
Yep. We don’t know who this young couple in the photo are. But it’s fine! They look cute!

Have you been to this Sushi all you can at Fujikaiten in Münchner Freiheit? How was your experience? Let me know in the comments!

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