Spouse visa interview for Filipinos - to Germany

Spouse visa interview for Filipinos – to Germany

In July 2019, I applied for my spouse’s visa to Germany- alongside that was an interview. This post contains a Spouse visa interview for Filipinos and other related questions. This spouse visa interview was conducted by an officer from German Embassy in Manila during my application for a spouse visa to Germany in July 2019. It was only short and straightforward. If you’re applying for your spouse’s visa to Germany, here are some things that may be asked of you at the German Embassy in Manila.


Spouse visa interview for Filipinos – what are they and how to prepare

The Spouse visa interview is an interview for Filipinos applying for a spouse visa under a family reunion. It was part of the application process.

In my experience, it was a surprise because I didn’t know there was one. And although the interview was unexpected, it was straightforward. As soon as the consul checked my documents, she told me there would be a short interrogation. I delightedly agreed.

I can’t tell you how exactly you can prepare for the interview. All I can say is dress up nicely and appropriately. The purpose of the spouse visa interview is to know if your papers and answers are connected to each other. You also don’t need to freak out; the most important thing is, to be honest and confident with your answers.

Spouse visa interview for Filipinos ( my own experience)

  • Officer: how old are you?
  • Me: 30 ( I was 30 then, now 33)
  • Officer: How old is your husband? 
  • Me: 35
  • Officer: Where did you meet? 
  • Me: Cebu
  • Officer: Who approached/ talked to the other one first? 
  • Me: ******
  • Officer: What was he doing in Cebu?
  • Me: Traveling
  • Officer: And you? 
  • Me: Solo Traveling as well
  • Officer: What’s your means of communication?
  • Me: ****
  • Officer: Have you traveled abroad together?
  • Me: Yes
  • Officer: When and where?
  • Me: Thailand, Vietnam, etc.
  • Officer: And then where else next?
  • Me: ****
  • Officer: When was the last time you met him?
  • Me: ****
  • Officer: When was that? 
  • Me: *****

The interview continues

  • Officer: Why did you choose to get married in Hong Kong? 
  • Me : (I didn’t know first how to answer because honestly, I couldn’t find the right answer to this. Haha!) because he hasn’t been to Hong Kong, and it was his first time, but I have been there before.
  • Please see the list of documents that I mentioned above. You should provide them with 1 original and 2 photocopies of each document. No more, no less, unless they required you so.
  • German Embassy Manila Officer: Why did you decide to get married in Hong Kong? 
  • Me : ( this time, I found  ( hopefully ) the best answer! Haha) because we like Hong Kong, and the process was smooth! 
  • Officer: Was there a proposal?
  • Me: Yes, in Sri Lanka
  • Officer: When was that? 
  • Me: ******
  • Officer: How long have you been a boyfriend/girlfriend before you got engaged?
  • Me : ( I counted on my finger, but I think I missed a month) 19 months 
  • Officer: What’s your husband’s job?
  • Me: He’s an ***
  • Officer: How long has he been working as an ****? 
  • Me: *****
  • Officer: What’s his company name?
  • Me: ******
  • Officer: Do you know how much salary he receives monthly?
  • Me: ******
  • Officer: Where does he live?
  • Me: ****
  • Officer: Does he live alone?
  • Me: *****

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Spouse visa interview – all about me

  • Officer: What is your job? 
  • Me: Online English Teacher
  • Officer: How much monthly salary do you get?
  • Me: ******
  • Officer: Do you have a plan to resign from your job?
  • Me: *****
  • She said, yea, because it’s online anyway, right?
  • Officer: Do you have children?
  • Me : ( I wanted to say no because I have many children in my family, my nephews, and nieces! Plus my children in my community, but they’re not my own! Haha) NO
  • Officer: Have you been married before?
  • Me: NO
  • Officer: Has your husband been married before? 
  • Me: NO
  • Officer: Does he have children? 
  • Me: NO
  • Officer: Have you been to Germany before? 
  • Me: NO

Honestly, to tell the truth, I got denied my visitor’s visa before because I didn’t have strong roots in the Philippines. Anyway, that was passed. Sometimes, a Filipino applying for a visa is quite a challenge.

Friendly tips and reminders

Make sure your documents are real, accurate, and valid. Remember that fake documents may result in the denial of your spouse’s visa application. Arrange them also in an alphabetical way or in an order that is easy to identify. Arrive on time for your appointment. It would also be best if you try to avoid being nervous. Smile and take a deep breath and be consistent with your answers. The Consul would know and feel if you’re hiding something or not telling the truth. So, relax; you got this!

Personal thoughts about the spouse visa interview

I believe my honesty and confidence in my interview successfully got my spouse’s visa to Germany. Of course, that wasn’t an easy process, and the questions I answered could be different from yours. Being prepared as well with all the documents had a significant impact on getting the visa.

Like all (if not most) visa interviews, a spouse visa is no exception.

Good luck! ✨

Have you been through a spouse visa interview? Or do you think you’ll have one shortly? And do you have any questions about this post? Let me know in the comment section below. Please don’t send me a message on my social media account, as I usually don’t check spam or request messages. Thanks!

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  • Kaye Salenga

    Hi! I read this post and i’m a bit worried that the Consul will be skeptical about me and my husband’s relationship.

    Here’s a timeline of our love story:

    June 2023 – we met on an app
    August 2023 – we made our relationship official
    September 2023 – proposed online and plan to marry in Hong Kong by December, we made it part of our vacation too
    December 27, 2023 – first meet
    January 3, 2024 – married

    I am thinking of ways on how to justify our relationship, but it’s something that happened, we instantly clicked and we definitely knew we wanted to spend our lives together. he has never been to the Philippines, but we are planning to in the near future, so he could spend time with my family.

    I am planning to apply for an FRV this coming May or June 2024.

    Do you think the Consul will accept my answer, as honest (and cringey) it might sound? We really miss each other so bad and all we have to do right now is wait until we reunite again 🙁

  • escapesanddiaries

    Hi Kaye,

    the answer to your question is yes, of course! The Consul will accept your answers, you’re being honest! And you are already married! No stress!

    Best of luck,

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