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Top 8 Reasons Why I can’t Get Over The Circle Hostel La Union

I captured and gathered every little piece of art from this homey place I went to a couple of weeks back, so here I am, sharing with you the reasons why I love and can’t get over it. Check it out! X

Indeed, The Circle Hostel is one of the most famous hostels in the Philippines. It’s all over the internet and I wouldn’t waste the opportunity to get a taste of this lovely and cool hostel in town, so I decided to check it out myself.

Excited? Well, without further ado, I’m now going to give you the top 9 reasons why I love The Circle Hostel La Union.

  • 1) Velvety taho and hot pandesal for breakfast
    When you wake up in the morning feeling fuzzy because of hangover, taho is the perfect antidote—well, at least for me. When I saw a vendor in the vicinity, I felt like he knew I needed a cup and came in to serve me one. Yes, taho is everywhere, but isn’t it particularly lovely to have a taho vendor around just when you needed him then most? It was really sweet and yummy! The hostel also served pandesal for free! It was so tasty that I didn’t need a spread to go with it. Well, taho was a perfect partner to it. (I wish I took a photo of that sweet pandesal). What I love about the hostel is that they allow vendors to sell their goods to guests.

  • 2) It’s close to the beach.
    So, what is your basis for choosing an accommodation? Location? Nearby establishments? Accessibility? Me, I always make sure that it is situated near the point of interest. In this case, the beach since La Union is well known for surfing. From The Circle Hostel, we just crossed the street and pop, we were already on the beach! You won’t have to walk a long distance to go surfing and beach bumming.


  • 3) Daytrip, anyone?
  • daytrip
  • hostel36

  • We decided to extend our stay at the hostel. Unfortunately, when we were booking an extension, the staff said performers for an event were arriving on that day, hence, there will be no more space for us. We asked if we could just stay at the common area. We wouldn’t mind since we did not sleep on our hammocks anyway and stayed at the common area the night before.So, the staff offered us a daytrip instead. The Circle’s rule is guests who avail themselves of a daytrip can stay until 5 pm only. But the staff was kind enough to let us stay for the night. Well, there was a party and drinks anyway, so there was a reason to be up all night.You should try it! It can be more fun!



      4)You’ll feel like kids again.

The Circle hostel gives you the nostalgic moment in your life when you feel like a kid again. You can swing, paint or play and talk with friends or simply, be lazy! Being at a chill place like this won’t make you think you can do fun things! But hey, you can!

Swing swing and be happy!


Paint your name or whatever you want. I kinda painted my blog here tho, (hmm kinda promoting? haha)


Ah, it’s too hot. We should relax. Ice cold beers please


or play these cute drums for beat box? 😀

       5) Hammocks

  • hostel8
    Everybody seems to be a fan of hammocks. I’m fond of hammocks. Whether on the beach, at the backyard, or any spot, I can’t resist lying on a hammock when I see one. At The Circle, hammocks are arranged only a few feet from one another. You can be next to someone you don’t know and tap him on the shoulder. But, hey, isn’t it a good thing?The hammocks are relatively huge and soft, so it’s comfortable to sleep on them. It feels like you’re gently swinging back and forth like a baby, being put to sleep by a soft lullaby.If you want to get through the night on a hammock, you will have to pay a little over PHP300. You can also sleep on a bunk bed for around PHP400. Book via Agoda or Travelbook.


  • 6)Every spot is a fine piece of art
  • hostel14
  • how about a colourful and artsy locker, eh?
  • hostel6or a wall art?
  • hostel33
  • hostel22
  • hostel2
  • So, actually everywhere you look, elements of arts and colours is chasing you.
  • hostel23
  • Okay. Please no drugs here. This is your second home. Just beer and coffee ♡


And learn to dump your dirty bed linen and pillow covers before leaving.

  • Seeing color and art everywhere makes life livelier. The hostel is a picturesque lively and homey place both in the interior and on the exterior. From the main gate to each piece of bamboo craft to the reception to the toilet to the restroom to every single corner you look at, there’s color! Won’t you love every piece of it? Of course you do!I’m a country girl and growing up as a child, I became a fan of bamboo made houses or establishments. The Circle hostel doesn’t only offer a comfortable stay but also a homey atmosphere and vibe.

7) The Tattoo shop is just a step away plus a free gig!

Oh yes, I didn’t need to go back to Boracay to get my second ink. This hostel had it!

Can you imagine how painful this is? Uh, you have no idea! I was so dead that night! ?

  • Since it was surfing break in La Union when we went there, there was an event and a group of tattoo artists was invited. Anyone who wanted to have one can get a tattoo, so I grabbed the opportunity. It’s my second tattoo and it’s extra special for me. The tattoo artists are no ordinary. They’re awesome and cool. They’re graduated from the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts.You might ask what tattoo I got. It’s a script about travel and if you want to know more about what happened during those inking moments, you can follow my story on my Facebook page, and on Instagram, as I’ve posted all the updates there.♡
  • Live and free music are a big yes! Who wouldn’t want reggae when you’re on the beach? Ah, it was my first time to experience a hostel entertaining their guests with reggae music for free!
  • hostel15
  • No woman no cry
  • hostel14
  • No women men die. HAHA!


The hashtag perfectly nailed it! Personally, I believe that this hashtag and WiFi password combination is just mighty awesome. Do you want to know why? In a hostel where you stay, you meet a lot of people, but some of them can be or can’t be your instant friends. Being a frequent traveler, I have been to numerous hotels, hostels and guesthouse, but believe it or not, The Circle Hostel is one of the best I’ve ever stayed in. Not only because of its common area, but also because of the strangers I met who became my friends. The lunatic dudes who had a great sense of humor and turned the night unforgettable.


That night was really fun. There was a sudden blackout at the hostel, so everybody was detached from their mobile phones. It was a perfect time for everybody to get along so actually. Everybody chatted, shared a bunch of jokes and laughter, and bottomless drinks were served, making people stay up late. I guess, that brownout served its purpose and eventually, we all became good crazy friends (even though everybody bullied me…haha).


Overall, I was completely satisfied with the service and the place itself. We wanted to stay longer, but we also had some priorities to finish back in the metro. But don’t worry, we’ll be going back and make sure to stay longer.

So, there you go, those were my favorite parts of the trip. Have you been to any of The Circle hostels? How was your experience? Let me know in the comment section below!

Thanks for reading! Let me tell you one more thing: I’ve also tried The Circle Hostel in Zambales and had one of the most memorable experiences in my life. If you want to know about it, you can check it out through this link

Plus random beautiful shots at The Circle Hostel. Photo credits to a dear new found friend, Tom, whom I met at this awesome place. Mighty thanks Tom! X



When strangers become friends


Lovely smile indeed! She’s French!


ahh! The last letter ” L ” that was unfortunately stopped from the last night’s tattoo session. Okay, I’m ready. Be gentle please.


hey guys. Can you please look and smile at the camera? 🙂


They are cool dudes


hi Tom!



A continuation of a henna tattoo since last night was blackout


hey friends! Group selfie, eh?


Don’t forget to write a note on the board! 🙂

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Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored accommodation by The Circle Hostel. All reviews  made are personally written by me. Review is of my own.


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