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Zebra Hang Tre Loft, Old Quarter, Hanoi. Our first Airbnb Experience

During our two-week stay in Hanoi, Chris and I decided to settle in one place unlike what we did when we were in Thailand.


Luckily, we chanced upon Zebra Hang Tre Loft on Airbnb. It’s located in the jungle of Old Quarter. The place’s photos posted by the owner caught piqued our interest. As a result, we booked it for 9 nights and 10 days.

What’s included? 

The photos didn’t lie. The unit looked exactly the same except for the bathroom that’s smaller than we thought it was. Nevertheless, it served its purpose. There were times though that the shower would turn cold from hot. Mind you, it was autumn season, so it was a bit chilly.


The Living Room 


The cutie spiral stairs lead to the loft, our bedroom. This spot of the room is Instagrammable. It has small hanging plants that make the room photo ready with all the bright lights and a small fridge right under the stairs.


The room is refreshing to the eyes because of all the indoor plants. It’s a cool concept.

Zebra Hang Tre Loft, Hanoi. Our first Airbnb Accommodation - A personal review 3



Our bed at the Loft 

The bed on the loft is perfect for two. Be careful of the low ceiling though when going upstairs. Chris, who is tall, had to bow his head to avoid touching the ceiling.

Zebra Loft Airbnb - A personal review


This is the view of the living room from the loft.


There’s also a small table for two with two high dining chairs. Breakfast is included, but we decided to cook our own meals in the small kitchen. Cooking utensils are also provided.

Zebra Hang Tre Loft, Hanoi. Our first Airbnb Accommodation - A personal review5


Here is my super partner Chris who’s cooking pasta one lazy night. Although some of the kitchen utensils were not new, most of them were helpful.

Zebra Hang Tre Loft, Hanoi. Our first Airbnb Accommodation - A personal review 6


What to love about it?

What we liked about Zebra Hang Tre Loft was the location. It’s in the heart of Old Quarter and everything is accessible from there. Second, the room is simply beautiful and personalized. The owner was also accommodating, although we didn’t personally meet her. She just sent some people to make sure we enjoyed our stay. For instance, when we informed her that we needed some utensils in the kitchen, she immediately sent someone to provide us with what we needed, as well as with blanket that was small for Chris.

Furthermore, even though it’s located amidst the busy and chaotic Hanoi, it was comfortable and quiet inside.

The passage or alleyway

Personal thought : 

Accommodations on Airbnb is technically spending time at someone’s place which made us feel at home. Since it was our first time, we appreciated it. It’s very different from usual accommodations we experience at hotels. We had to cook our own meals and made sure to lock it before we left, as there were no security and staff on duty for 24 hours.

Furthermore, on our last few days, two of our friends who lived in Hanoi came to visit us and while we wanted to take a picture together on the couch, it suddenly got broken, so we had to avoid lounging there as we would be charged by the owner.


Overall experience

Although the only downside that we noticed was the inconsistency of the hot shower and the internet that was slow, and there’s no direct sunlight from the window that made us lazier to get up in the morning, overall, we loved the experience of Airbnb, and we will try it again. Should we recommend Zebra Hang Tre Loft? Yes!



Where to find Zebra Hang Tre Loft?

Address208 Trần Quang Khải, Tràng Tiền, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Vietnam. Nga, the owner can also arrange a pick up for you like what she provided to us, we only paid $10 for 2 people from the airport to Hang Tre Loft. 


We would like to thank Nga for letting us stay and making sure we had a good time in her own space!


To know more about this Airbnb accommodation, you can click here Hang Tre Loft, Hanoi.


 Some personal and useful tips to remember:
Make sure you have a constant and communication with the owner and choose carefully as some photos posted online are deceiving!
Some famous spots nearby Hang Tre loft,


Traveling to Hanoi soon? Ask me about great travels and tips recommendations! 


Disclaimer: This is not sponsored post; just an honest review.

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  • Lucy Williams

    This loft is to cute! Love your Instagram photos. I like staying in in apartments when on vacation, but there are always things that are not quite right, but I think that is part of it, compared to a hotel.

  • Exploration Junkie

    The lotf looks really nice, simple and comfy at the same time, I like the white walls and the indoor plants. I am guilty of having overlooked Airbnb during my trips, but it’s true that it’s much more charming than hotels. It’s nice to feel at home when you are in a foreign country!

  • Marcus Williams

    It does look a pretty little place. As you mentioned it is ideally located in middle of the old quarter but is still calm and peaceful once you are inside.

  • Medha Verma Bector

    It looks so cosy! I’d love to stay in a place like this, it’s done up very artistically and minimalistically. The plants, especially the ones one the wall, are lovely. Very good taste in interiors, i would say, of the host. And what can get better than a central location ?

  • Skye Class

    Your first AirBnb was so much better than mine. Not that mine was bad – a small room in Helsinki with a fantastic kitchen, but I love the loft bed in yours! I’m sorry to hear about the couch. But it makes for a good adventure. Gosh I miss SE Asia. Vietnam is one of the countries there I’ve yet to visit.

  • Dorene

    It’s fun that you chose Hanoi as your first Airbnb experience! This place looks really cozy, enough space to live, eat, sleep and work – very tastefully done and I love the spiral staircase! Kudos to you for giving Airbnb and try — I’m going to guess you will be using the service again!

  • Barb

    This looks like a beautiful place to stay. Sometimes airbnbs can be so cute and unique. It looks like you found one of those places.

  • Indrani

    I like it when hotels are in accessible positions. I also
    liked that the host was quick in responding to your requirements. Some of the
    important factors to rate a stay high.

  • megan_claire

    Awesome that the photos didn’t lie – I always worry about that when booking Airbnb – it can be dicey sometimes! Such a cool place – love the charming spiral stair case – totally agree that it’s super instagrammable!

    I really love staying in homes as opposed to hotels when we’re traveling – adds a much more immersive feel to the stay 🙂

  • Ami Bhat

    Seems like a lovely experience. I liked this particular property for its earthy feel. Though breaking that couch must have been a scary experience. Did you finally get charged for it?

  • dare2gocom

    Hi, Yasha here. I don’t have a log-in with Discus, so it automatically logs in with our travel blog. Sorry.
    Airbnb can be really hit and miss. We’ve experienced both, but you seemed to hit with this one. It looks cosy and cute. We recently had a really nice place in Bogota, but unfortunately it was right next to the noisy road – you can’t tell about things like that from photos on the site.

  • Nick Wheatley

    Sounds like a great stay! I love the spiral staircase and all of the plants it definitely makes Hang Tre Loft look cozy! We use AirBnB all the time in the US and Europe but the last time we were in Asia was about 4 years ago and it wasn’t much of a thing at that point. I am excited to try it out (AirBnB in Asia that is) when we head back to Vietnam in 2018. I absolutely love the old quarter of Hanoi so the location sounds ideal. Thanks for the review!

  • Anne Klien

    Looks a great place to stay, i love the loft bedroom. I only use airbnb once and i need to use more on my future travels. I love the feeling of a home away from home.

  • Carol Perehudoff

    I went to Vietnam for the first time this year and it was amazing, but I didn’t get to Hanoi. We stayed South mainly to get warm. I thought the loft looked good. Really good, actually, even if your partner had to duck going up the stairs, haha. We had a place with a similar layout in Florence and really liked it.

  • Jennifer Dombrowski

    I’m not an Airbnb fan. But I can see the appeal of having an apartment or house to rent for a longer stay. It can get old eating out all the time. And this place does look lovely – not decorated with just the cheapest furniture the owner can find.

  • Paige Brown

    What a totally adorable AirBNB. I love that their pictures didn’t lie. And it doesn’t looks like your would either! 😉 Your poor boyfriend having to duck… My husband usually has to duck going into smaller spaces in Asia. Haha. The next time I’m in Hanoi, I’ll definitely check this place out. I love Hanoi.

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